What’s on this website?

What you’ll find here is a snapshot of our journey grappling with these larger ideas.

What does time management look like on a personal level? How are we building our emotional habits and creating habits that lead us to our long-term goals? In this space, you’ll hear some of our students’ stories and personal connections to these topics.  

Where did the idea of this website come from? 

This course website is the product of an evolution of BCUSP 100: General Learning Strategies. When this course was taught on campus before the pandemic, students created their own zine as a final learning object. The zine offered students a way to share image-based artifacts that connected their personal experiences with their new academic learning strategies. A library workshop prepared them for this by introducing library resources and tools for locating a scholarly article that would be included in their zine. 

When the course went online in spring 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the course instructor and librarian (Deborah Hathaway and Chelsea Nesvig) worked to create a remote learning experience in which students could still produce their own zine. However, that experience led us to re-evaluate this assignment and consider how we could instead use digital tools for students to share artifacts connected to course themes. The digital scholarship and open pedagogy work being done at the UW Bothell Campus Library (led by Denise Hattwig) offered inspiration for this re-imagining of the course assignments and final project. We settled on a wordpress site using SPLOTBox for students to upload artifacts connected to course themes. The open nature of this site offers students the opportunity to share their work and reflections beyond the silo-ed nature of the course learning management system while better understanding their classmates’ connections to the course themes. 

What are the learning goals for this website?

Some of the learning goals for this project are:

  • Students will create posts for the site in order to illustrate their personal connections to the course content and their ideas around student learning and success.
  • Students will reflect on their experiences and the experiences of their peers through the site, in order to recognize and discover their challenges and growth in college.
  • Students will get experience sharing their work in an open learning environment, which encourages sharing and collaboration while breaking down traditional information barriers such as cost or log-ins