Since I couldn’t draw if my life depended on it, and I hate video editing software, I chose to just put my thoughts on paper. I decided to take one of the themes of one of the previous artifacts, and look a little deeper into it. I chose one that I liked, and just made an idea out of it. I didn’t waste too much time making it look all fancy, because my goal was to just keep it short and simple. Just raw ideas, and nothing lost in translation trying to make it look pretty. I found the “engaged learning” topic to be something interesting to look into, because during the creation of my original post to the site, it really got me thinking about how I can’t genuinely learn something that I don’t really care about. I chose to write about that, and I used some personal anecdotes to show why I thought that way.

Shared by: Nathan Holtzclaw

Item Credit: Shutterstock