These are a sampling of student reflections about working with this site and sharing their work openly from the two quarters we’ve used it so far.

Fall 2021

“Getting the chance to share my artifact with my peers and teacher it was really eye opening made me understand myself better as a student and learner.” – Fatma Abdi

I would say from my experience that I was able to find out more about myself through the reflections we write in the weekly artifacts. I also found out that I have similar experiences as my classmates so that comforted me knowing that I wasn’t the only one.” – anonymous student 1

It was a quite different to the normal submitting a homework page to canvas experience that most classes usually do, and it did also make me think a little more about what I presented on my assignments since it could be seen by others.” – anonymous student 3

At first, it was a little unnerving that everyone could see my work. But deeper into the quarter, it was pretty cool to see other people’s work and realize that everyone was in the same position.” – Hudda Ibrahim

“Contributing work to an open site was definitely a new experience and I enjoyed it. It felt like as if I was a reporter or an writer for that Journal and gave me satisfaction. I was also interesting to take a look at other artifacts from other class mates.” – Grace Jeong

“I thought it was pretty cool especially because you could see past classes and everyone’s artifacts and how those related to your own artifacts.” – Jaden

My experience contributing work to an open site was pretty fun.  I thought about it as an inspiration to other students. The work that I contributed was more on the personal aspect and willing to put my story out there. Definitely would like to contribute more in the future.” – Fitz

Spring 2021

“I thought it was fun, it’s like using social media but more for school.” – Adrian

“I was a little nervous just because the open site made it to where everyone could see your personal artifact submissions, but I actually thought that it was quite interesting to see what everyone else submitted and whether or not it was similar to what I thought of. The choice to use a pseudonym actually made me a lot more comfortable sharing personal artifacts.” – Learner #1

“As I added my work on the website, I felt accomplished. I also took the time to read the work of other’s and it was intriguing how each artifact that was chosen was special to them.” – Thomas Dinh

“It was nice being able to see what other fellow classmates had posted on the site, and gave me different insights to different themes throughout the course.” – anonymous student 1

“It was really cool seeing how my peers interpreted the question and what route they went with their artifacts. I also really liked reading their personal connections to these artifacts as well. For me, it made me feel comfortable since everyone else was sharing something personal with them as well and I felt like anything I shared would have been fine.” – Anthony

 “I remembering thinking about emotional intelligence and having some trouble thinking of what to post but then I saw a artifact talking about how a place of significance. I saw other students thinking about the topics in a more abstract way and helped me think of a more unique artifact that connected to myself.” – anonymous student 2

“Contributing to an open site was very fun and allowed me to think about my work in a different light. I wanted the things I put out on the site to be beneficial for others which allowed me to do better work.” – Marco Nepomuceno

“I always enjoy sharing my own work and seeing the work of others. I’m constantly surprised, especially as I get older, how diverse and different the ideas and opinions of other people are from my own.” – Buckeye Shopmaster

 “A lot of my peers have completely different backgrounds and interests than me, so I really enjoyed seeing how everyone interpreted the artifact prompt in their own way. This inspired me to try to not be too generic when choosing my artifacts, and to try and share a little bit of my own personality in my posts.” – Sam S