A goal of the Community Reads program is to build community through a common intellectual experience. During times of political division and unrest, libraries continue to provide tools for advancing and creating knowledge, fostering critical thinking and evidence-based arguments, and promoting reasoned dialogue. When holding discussion in person or online, we expect our participants to honor the following community agreements:

BE: Be present. Be open to new forms of knowledge.

SPEAK: Speak from your own experiences.  Do not speak for others even if you share the same identity.

LISTEN: When engaging with the writing you find here, listen respectfully and intently to other perspectives.  

RESPOND: Respond to what has been said, not the person saying it.

DIALOGUE: Hold space for dialogue instead of debate. It’s not about winning an argument.

COMMUNICATE: Challenge yourself to communicate in new ways. You may find this medium unfamiliar or challenging to you, but we encourage you to try it out.

EXPECTATIONS: Expect and accept discomfort and non-closure. Allow feelings to emerge in yourself and others without trying to “fix” them.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Respect confidentiality. Personal information/comments should not be shared outside of this Canvas course space.

PROCESS: Grant yourself and others permission to express ideas and thoughts imperfectly.

All submissions to our shared writing project will be moderated, and we expect submissions to be in good faith and in the spirit of these community agreements. The Campus Library is an inclusive and hate-free learning space, and submissions will be moderated accordingly.