Kingdom Key:

(1 pzp = 3171 miles) 

ONCE Upon A time, there was the King Mauritious of Neverland. He worked for the greatness of the highness, Queen Anne, a very peaceful, elegant, and beautiful ruler, and was just as she had envisioned Earth to be. She was a very spirited, bright, divine, glowing, figure who was brighter than light and for whom you could melt into. She was very fair, and nice. She had the power to rule out any and all of the forces of evil that resided with her adept, and dexterous abilities. She worked closely with the king, who helped her make her kingdom neat with a little cleaning, recycling, and greatness with her prompt. She was on the side to expand her kingdom and on a mission to make the Earth clean again. They had a divine dog, named Pluto. He created a very peaceful environment by eliminating all wastes and had the power of turning trash into new items and cleaning the water of the kingdom by running all the water and placing a filter to keep the streams clean.There was peace in her kingdom at the time. There were lots of little things that needed to be done. There was an evil person named Lockhniss who was a narcissist, and thought of only evil with his disgraceful abilities. He destroyed all the kingdoms and created trash which he didn’t recycle, and created massive waste clouds which resulted since he refused to recycle. He didn’t reuse, and he was a ruthless ruler who mitigatedly eliminated all the forces of good with his crude creating abilities. He was a very flawed ruler.

One day, Queen Anne wanted to entertain Pluto by creating a game which would win him some wonderful treats, and would help the dog, so she went and left the dog alone. Pluto was walking along the path, when he found that he was kidnapped by Lockhniss. Lockhniss planned to manipulate Pluto’s power to create a very nasty environment. Queen Anne went ahead and found the dog, Pluto, who then created a magically-run filter through which Lockhniss was then cleansed and the entire kingdom was the King’s, and Queen’s. They ran back through. Queen Anne fixed all the troubles of the kingdoms, reunited the world, and everything went back to its peaceful state, with the evil king Lockhniss eliminated.

Queen Anne was then having trouble within her kingdom of having deforestation, less healthy air, and pollution. There were many magical things to created, and this was taking up much of the trees, and energy which was used to work on these things, such as magical lotuses, which released a  good-smelling gas, which was unhealthy to a mere mortal, water droplets, which she soon found circulated around the environment, so there was no harm in taking it. She rethought everything that everyone in her kingdom had done, and came to realize that the only thing she’d done wrong was creating a list out of paper which ran longer than a 20 pzp for each of the remedies of grass leaves there were. The lung cure was grazier, a grass named grazier. The fairy heart hypnosis cure was pealb grass, and there were a variety of such grasses. One such remedy was the disease of the micvc grass, each grassleaf with its own remedy. One particular potion of grass-leaf purifying tips was that it cured the bloated lung. The other way to cure the bloated, disturbed lung was to cleanse the air out of all the things. Queen Anne realized later on that the kingdom needed to restore trees. She invited King Mauritious, who then planned to restore the environment with his ability to plant trees and had fertilizer which allowed the trees to grow very fast, and gave them (the trees) very long lives. The pollution was stopped by running. The workers were experiencing high burnout and needed to take a break. They found that they could suffice with creating more processes of recycling and reusing.

King Mauritious was immortal. However, the people in his kingdom were growing old, and the only way to restore the kingdom was to preserve it, or build new things. With him, the buildings were growing old, and there was no place/ space to place them in. This was overturned when the kingdom hired recycling workers to reuse their parts to make new buildings, and use the rest of the materials (mainly wood) to make essentials, such as books, and writing paper, which they decided could be recycled and reused even more. They had a machine which made furniture out of the wood, which was good for the people in the kingdom. They reused the washroom supplies, and moved out all supplies to be reused. This helped to make the kingdom become the best, and later encouraged an expansion. 


Climate is the epitome of the Pacific Northwest. We have to create a world worth living in like the Queen Anne envisioned by creating streams, which are clean. This can be done by creating filters which would be run through the flowing waters which can replenish the environment by creating a sounder system. There are also needed changes, which include recycling, maintaining by reusing and creating less waste. This can be done by reusing old clothes (task varying depending on the degree of cleanliness of the clothes). For example, since electricity runs on water, which is pure and recycles, you could create a handkerchief which you could use every day that you were sick, and put it in the washer if it got too dirty. The handkerchief doesn’t have to be too big, it’s very small, and it’s user-friendly. You could carry it with you. It’s very light and portable; you could take it almost anywhere. If you get tired of carrying the handkerchief around, then you could put it in your pocket, since it’s very portable. There are a variety of handkerchiefs available online and in the stores, and they’re very cheap. You could donate your old clothes to Goodwill. If you have clothes that are too old or ripped to give away to Goodwill, then instead of throwing them away, you could recycle your old clothes which you don’t want to give away to Goodwill by making them into cleaning cloths which you could wipe the floors with. You could also use the ripped clothes to wipe almost anything, such as a wash cloth for cleaning your shoes dirt from shoes by putting on a little water, and buying a shamwow to clean spills. You could use an old shamwow that you’re about to throw away to clean your dog’s pee which is on the floor. You can wipe it later with clorox. There are multiple ways of going about with old clothes. If your clothes were very expensive, or are barely used, you could sell them online directly (with pictures) by yourself, or sell them through a vendor, such as Amazon, or ebay if you don’t feel comfortable selling them by yourself, or are afraid that your product isn’t going to sell. By not using tissues, you’re saving fiber, paper, and wood which is used in making tissues. You could also use slightly old clothes to dry newly-washed vegetables. Using handkerchiefs costs less money and saves paper, and is an incredible idea for people with allergies, or colds.This is extremely environment-friendly, and must be implemented in order to promote a pro-tree/ pro-green environment, which could save paper, fiber, and wood pulp. The cutting down of trees to make paper has to be prevented, and in doing so, a handkerchief must be used. Clothes must be recycled in order to restore the atmosphere, and create less waste and trash, and the more they’re reused after all the methods and processes that they go through, which (processes) can be done at home, the better it is for the environment. This is all very crucial in implementing a green, clean, toxic-free Earth, and has been done in India for generations. Such practices (such as the handkerchief stated above) are methods that are very necessary for the sustainability of the Earth as a whole. Humans are not meant to only create and sustain, but maintain as well. 

You could use the back of your used printer paper to create new paper by sticking together the used sides with glue, so that you now have a clear surface, and a new-looking sturdy paper. You could also use the back of colored printer paper for projects.

You could also use Japanese toilets, and a bidet for saving tissue papers, which cleans stool with jet water. Creating a new system is crucial for both cleanliness, and sustainability. It helps prevent paper use, while being environment-friendly. It’s healthier for the plumbing system, and good for old growth trees/ trees that are grown.  Each grassleaf and the list of the grass leaves represents each of the variety of cures that are possible for the human being to make in order to keep the environment clean. There are countless cures, and the lung cancer cure grass leaf represents the pollution created by each individual, and that lung cancer would ensue otherwise (if left untreated). 

The environment is extremely reliant on human behavior, and when building new buildings, creating more places, spaces, and architecture, we must also create so that we reuse materials, which should also create a better atmosphere. This would make the air more clean, and help us in our endeavors of creating a most suitable habitat for natural life. There needs to arise implementations, such as reusing materials from old buildings, which might have been priorly used by old homes, or businesses, and which cannot be simply dumped into the trash. There needs to be a remedy for the remains of the old buildings and homes which needs to be implemented, so that old buildings don’t create chaos in the long-term, both for safety, and for cleanliness of the environment. In order to prevent future problems, we need to reuse and recycle materials used in old buildings so that the environment won’t become a toxic waste dump in the near future. There needs to be a  building-reuse system implemented in order to maintain a nice ecological system. There could be a separate recycling for buildings and their materials. There could be machines which can be converted into wood chips for farms, playgrounds, and other places, such as at trails. The steel frames can be recycled to make kitchen utensils. 

There need to be clean environment practices implemented in order to maintain a sound ecological system, and there are many ways of achieving this, and many which need to be done in the near future in order to prevent global warming. We could start by reusing clothes through processes, and preventing the chopping of trees in order to prevent making paper, and create a more sound environment.

Though not licensed for reuse, images of the king and queen are "King Arthur" by Charles Ernest Butler (found at and "Glowing Wing Fairy Girl" by Monix Lee Studies (found at