Some things I never knew we could do
(but I am so excited that we can)

• make your own bioplastic at home
• use SCOBY – the symbiotic culture of bacteria
and yeast that ferment tea and sugar into kombucha –
to make leather (like for clothes!)
• gulp down capsules of water made of seaweed
• build houses, boats, structures, out of:

-mycelium (the roots of mushrooms)
-agricultural waste
-and more!

• find seed banks at libraries where you can:
contribute and take what you need,
a seed economy!
• not only decolonize, but also re-Indigenize
• that we can
stand up and fight back!
that there is such great strength in
international solidarity!
we can divest from war profiteers!
that land is life,
water is life,
“free the people, free the land”

From Palestine to the Philippines,
We will stop the U.S. war machine!