A Symphony of Truth 

In a world which climate changes became a reality for everyone, a hunger crisis is  redoubt in the pacific Northwest due to the sudden infertility of the soil caused by the escape  of carbon dioxide.

Mei, a young woman, find his recomfort in her violin. She plays in her dark carabiner  fulfill of candles, far from Seattle, a place no-one could listen to her because music became  a rare souvenir in 2100. In fact, problem after problem, stress after stress, people have  forgotten that music exists, it has become more a distant memory. When she played her  violin that day, a souvenir of her father and her emerged in her brain like a vision. She saw her  and him, watched an orchestra spectacle in Vermont before the CDC01, carbon dioxide  catastrophe. That day, the nightmare started for her. She lost her only family, the only person  who shared her passion for music, who really loved her and gave her a reason to try to live  longer in this world. Now, the only souvenir she keeps from him, is this violin which reminds her, when she plays, the only person who loved her.

It was a Saturday night, and as a habit, she decided to play her violin. However, that  night was different. A storm was coming from the Pacific Ocean. Many people decided to be  in family because scientists sent an alert. Mei decided to stay at home and play in the  basement. “Anyone will listen to me because of the storm” she says. So, she started to play Merry Christmas by Ryuichi Sakamoto, the violin sounded with all vibrations. The basement was  emerged by the sound, the lights of candles started to move on, and she was transported to a peaceful place. For sure, she loves this sound because Ryuichi is her model and inspiration for her Japanese origin. Then, all the candles went out and she stopped immediately to play.  An anxious silence invaded the room. She could just listen to the wind beating on the  windows above. Next, a sound started to resonate in the room, but she never listened to  something like that. At the same time, she had a vision of her, during the CDC01, with a  trumpet in the right hand and an audioprothese in the left. “Find those people and save us!”  her father says. After that, everything stopped and came back to normal.

Sound Like Heaven 

Two weeks passed, and Mei decided to follow her heart and belief to find the meaning of that vision. She didn’t have anything to lose, and that sound she listened to that night  continued to produce a loud, clear, and deep vibration in her mind.

A concert in commemoration to the victims of CDCs will happen at San Fransisco in  four days. She took the decision to get there hoping to find answers, but before that Mei  wanted to see her Friend, Moon, and see if he could help her to get there. Moon is one of the  leaders of the Solar movement that had the mission to restore Unity and manage the new  trails’ traffic around the Pacific Northwest. She hadn’t seen him in real life since the first  accident. She was nervous because she doesn’t like to ask for help, especially help from Moon. Moon was special for her, but she was not able to realize that.

‘’Hi meimei! You look like a potato from afar” joked Moon. “Argh! I told you to stop call  me like that, and it is morning, where do you want me to go?” she says. “You could try for me  nan? I’m your friend and your unique pass to get at that concert”. Mei rolled her eyes, sighed  and entered the office with her small travel suitcase, where she had been able to hold her  whole life, in one hand and her violin in the back. She waited a few seconds before Moon  came to see her with an exit permit and a ticket for that concert. He stretched out his hand  towards her, looked at her with insistence and a tender smile and said: “I hope you will find  what you are looking for”.

Now, she was in the train, enjoying his comfortable VIP place with a distant view of  the space needle, at least the network pillar that it had become over time. She wanted to  drink something to pass the time, so she went to the central bar and asked for a mocktail. At  the same time, a pianist and a singer started to play where did I go by Jorja Smith. She was  immediately transported by both and the vibration of everything at the bar changed. People  who were present didn’t expect to listen to music there as much as her; however, they  appreciated it, and some smiles were drawn on their faces. She was curious to know who  those people were, so she went to meet them.

Althea and Carlito were siblings and the two stars of that afternoon. When Mei meets them, they tell her their story and why they sang there. In fact, Althea and Carlito comes from  Philippines. They are among those who fled before the total immersion of the country, and if  they sing today is for hope and salvation. They hope that God listen to their pray and will  come to stop those lobbyists who are not able to accept the effect they had to our planet.  They trust in divine justice. Mei will never forget their vibration.

The next days, after taking a rest in her motel, she went to the concert as she planned.  It was afternoon and there she recognized some people she came with on the train, but she  preferred to stay closer to the scene. She didn’t know why, yet something told her to stay  there and wait for the concert to start. Then, the instrumental of this is what autumn feels like  by JVKE started to play at the public place. A young black woman appeared and started to  sing. Mei didn’t know how to describes her feelings, but something holy happened at that moment. People around her had the same reaction. Everyone was quiet and just appreciated the moment. After she finished singing, applaud to applaud, her and Mei met each other’s eyes, and a connection was established between them.

The concert ended, people started to get out of the public place, and Mei decided to  go on the backstage to meet that girl because she stilled amazed by her voice. when she was Closer to her, she recognized the sign language the men, who was talking to her, used to interact with that girl. She was shocked. How could that be possible?

Aria turned on her heels, she saw Mei looking at her, perplexed by the situation. Aria was submerged by stress and anxiety. “How has she found me? Who gave her access backstage? What will she think about me?” Aria thought at the same time.

Surprisingly, Mei knew sign language and started to talk with Aria. It was the beginning  of something new for them because they recognized in each other that sound they had never heard before. Instinctively, Mei knew Aria and Aria knew Mei.

Aria, the singer of the season, was born like that. However, when she was a child, her  mother received a prophecy from a stranger. “Be careful blessed mother, the sound of heaven was given to you from our creator. Lead her to her way, and the world will be thankful for that. Fail your mission and we will disappear.” He told her. Since, Aria’s mother did everything she could for her daughter. Aria was able to sing because she had the capacity to pursue vibrations better than others. So, like Mei, the sound she pursued few weeks ago was special for her also.

Sound Like Determination 

A few days passed, Mei and Aria decided to continue this journey together by returning to Washington. They hope to find a third person there because they were told that a trumpetist, one of the few in the region, lived in the Spokane reservation. In fact, the trumpet became more rarely to listen to in our world since the government restricted it for special and formal occasions only.

“It is time to follow your destiny sweety! Don’t worry about me, I will be with you everywhere you go” Aria’s mother said. Aria was scared and excited at the same time. She grew up and lived her whole life in the streets of San Fransisco, and smog, which became again a big problem in California, didn’t give her the chance to see other perspectives than her reality. Moreover, she knew that her dream to become the Aretha Franklin of her generation was more than a dream. She knew that she could do that, and it was time for her to exist.

Now, the time of persecution has arrived. You might think that no one would want to stop them. In a perfect world for sure, but in our world…no. someone observed Mei since she was in the train. He sent also someone to the concert to clarify his own doubts. He was there for a long time. Of course, in a world who technology became “the solution to climate change”, lobbyists saw an opportunity to make much money. So, why they will want to be saved by a sound? That is so ridiculous and pathetic for them. For sure, they were too logical and selfish to trust in divine. Money was their Lord. Money was their master.

However, our girls kept pursuing their journey in Washington. After seven days arriving at Seattle, Mei and Aria decided to go to the northeastern of Washington where is the Spokane reservation. It was around 5 hours by car, so the journey promised to be interesting and thrilling. As a result, Mei had taken out her all-terrain vehicle, tinted in pastel yellow, and her best soundtrack for a girls’ trip. They were happy. They were excited. No one could stop them. No one could resist their determination.

Four hours passed, Mei and Aria exited the highway to take the way to Spokane reservation. Aria heard a vibration… it was that of a car that was quite far from them. For such a seldom traveled road, it was strange. Then suddenly, the vibration amplified. She realized they were being followed and decided to warn Mei. “Why will someone follow us?” thought Mei. She didn’t tell anyone about this trip, but Mei didn’t notice that someone put a tracker on her car. Suddenly, that vehicle appeared behind them. It was a military car and the driver drove too fast on this way. “Not today boy!” said Mei when she decided to escape that vehicle. It was the beginning of a car chase. Unfortunately, despite her attempts to escape their executioners, he managed to approach them to push and send them directly into the Spokane River. It was the end, at least that’s what Moon believed.

Aria woke up with a start. She was still soaked, in a bed, and in a room decorated with  bright colors and Indian designs. Mei was in the same room with her, and still sleeping, but she had a bandage on her forehead because of the accident. Now, Mei remembered why she was in that situation. Someone wanted to kill them, and someone saved them.

Suddenly, the sound of a trumpet started to resonate in the room near her. She never felt something like that. It was a new instrument for her, so she got up of her bed and walked slowly to see who emitted that vibration. It was him. The trumpetist they were looking for. Then, Mei was woken up by the trumpet. She wanted to get up, but she couldn’t because of the migraine she felt. Taheton, the trumpetist, stopped playing his instrument and come to help Mei. “Hey! You know it is a miracle for you to be here fox!” Taheton says in a quiet voice. Yes, our lucky girls were saved by the Spokane’s people after they heard a big sound come from the river. They found those two-girl lying by the river, unconscious. Someone had pulled them out of the water before it was too late.

Mei and Aria told to Taheton the whole story about how everything had started and why they came there. Taheton was shocked and told them that he listened to the same sound a few weeks ago. Of course, It was the beginning of the end of this journey for our Heros because the time to save the Pacific Northwest and the entire world had come.

Mei and Aria spent 4 weeks in the Spokane reservation. Taheton told his family and  friends the entire story and hoped to get help from them. Some of them were for and other against. Why will they save a world who stole them everything and continue to have consequences for their life?

Taheton stood before the group, his voice echoing in the silence, “The soil infertility in the Pacific Northwest is a direct result of carbon dioxide escape. We must act.”

His father, a respected elder, countered, “Taheton, we’ve lived in harmony with nature for generations. This is a global issue.”

“But father,” Taheton argued, “we have a solution. We can lead the change.”

A murmur of agreement rose from Taheton’s friends. His father’s friends, however,  remained skeptical.

One of them, a seasoned warrior, voiced his concern, “This battle with lobbyists won’t be easy. They have resources we don’t have.”

Taheton nodded, “True, but we have something they don’t – a genuine connection to  the land and a reason to fight.”

The room fell silent, each person lost in thought. Finally, Taheton’s father spoke, “We  will stand with you, Taheton. For our future, for the world.”

Taheton, a passionate fan of music, was inspired by his great grandfather, Sherman Alexis. Like him, he wanted to accomplish his dreams and become the best trumpetist of the region. However, his family, especially his father, did not understand why someone put his whole heart into an art with any avenir. It was better for them to put this energy to save the reservation against destruction caused by climate change. But like Alexis, he was lucky and arrogant, so hope in his avenir gave him the flame. He played his instrument every day and night, and the day of his consecration arrived.

  • At The End 

That day, the weather was cold and dark. The plan was simple: go to Seattle, enter in  the space Needle and connect everything around the Pacific Northwest to the Spokane’s connection. So, everyone will be able to listen to the song everywhere in the region. For sure, it is easier to plan something than to realize it. Because the Space Needle became the center of communication in the region, it was protected by the Army, so to enter inside would be difficult. But don’t forget, Spokane’s people have several strings to their bow. Of course, They already contact their friend in the army to help them. The battlefield was ready for the war. The battlefield was ready for salvation.

Mei was stressed and anxious, so to evacuate she took her violin and started to play sunset lover by Petit Biscuit. “I love that song! It reminds me of a summer vacation in Arizona with my family” said Taheton when he interrupted her. “Do you think it will work?” said quietly Mei. “For sure, if we are here today, our three, that’s mean it was our destiny” responded Aria with determination in her eyes. “A symphony of truth…” started Mei. “Sound like heaven…”  continued Aria. “Sound like determination…” added Taheton. “At the end.” They concluded.

Suddenly, a big explosion sounded in the Spokane reservation. Military cars and many  soldiers were inside the reservation. “How???? We didn’t tell anyone about this” said Taheton. “Hi meimei! You organize a concert, but you don’t invite me? Your biggest fan??”  said Moon while he’s walking towards them. Mei was paralyzed. Many thoughts came inside  her head. “I know, you have some questions. How am I here? Who told me? It’s simple Mei…I  was with you every time when you decided to ask me for help. You really think I and others in  the coalition could accept a foolish girl, with a pathetic vision, wanting to save the world and reestablish harmony arrives to his end? we have so much profit in this situation my dear, so  it better to stop you and your friends,” said Moon. However, as I said, Spokane has several strings on their bow. “Get out there, Fox! we will stop them!” screamed Taheton’s friends to  Mei, Aria, and Taheton. Consequently, our Heros started a rush to the place they prepared  for the diffusion and in the background, victory by Gordy started to play.

They arrived on the scene; everything was ready for the diffusion. “Whenever you are ready fox!” said Taheton’s father. So, in a cornucopia of holy vibrations, our heroes started to sing the song of salvation in harmony with all their hearts. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest was able to listen to them. In the train, Althea and Carlito listened. In San Francisco, Aria’s mother Listened. And in Heaven, God listened to them. The holy vibration was transported everywhere in the region and Nature started to dance in harmony with it. The spirit of hope was now everywhere, and the spirit of pain was now gone.

“Be courageous and brave, research people who support your vision and who encourage you while they don’t agree with you on everything. That’s the beginning of something powerful. That’s the beginning of saving our home.”