Harmony and decay coexisted in the center of a once beautiful forest, where the old trees murmured to the breeze and streams carried life. Every leaf and creature interwoven into the fabric of existence plays in the natural world’s symphony. However, as time relents, a shadow passes across our heavenly landscape. The once vivid shades of green begin to wane as the air fills with the stench of rot. Once strong defenders of the land, the trees, they now watched silently, their limbs reaching helplessly up to the sky, praying to a mother that no longer heard their pleas. The streams, which used to bubble with vitality, now ran lethargically. The waste left behind by a population’s ravenous appetite will kill us all. The animals that leave, the organisms that die into extinction, that will be us. We will be treated no differently in the laws of nature. If we kill the souls of our earth, we will be left for not much longer. Not much Longer. Where are we now? Where will we go? May the story be left in our hands so that we may save ourselves. Where will we go?