In order to accept submissions to our Visionary Fiction Anthology project, we want to ensure that you have read through our agreements for submission and understand the terms of sharing your work. When you have read through these agreements, click Submit for directions to share your writing.

The Library values creating open information and open student work. “Open student work is any contribution a student makes to an open scholarship project or as a participant in an open pedagogy environment.” (Denise Hattwig, Open Student Work guide) For more information about what open work is and what it means to submit your work to an open project, please visit our Open Student Work library guide. Having your work available publicly and openly does mean that people online will be able to see and interact with it. If you want more tips or information about what it means to have your writing publicly available, please visit our Public Writing Guide.

We also value your agency in deciding whether or not to contribute your work to an open project. Please read the below agreement carefully. You can then continue on and share your work through the linked form. Your sharing by way of this form indicates that you agree to the agreement terms.


Visionary Fiction Anthology (the “Project”) for Community Reads at UW Bothell. This Project includes materials such as interviews, metadata, artwork, text content, website design, or related products (“Materials”).


I hereby give permission in perpetuity to the UW Libraries to include in the Project all of the Materials I have created or contributed. This includes any future additions I may make to the Project or Materials.

I understand that the UW Libraries may make the Project, the Materials, and any future additions I make to them publicly accessible and available for all potential uses. Such access and reuse may include reproduction, distribution, display, adaptation, creative reuse, and performance in various media, now known or later developed. I acknowledge that UW Libraries is not responsible for how the Project or Materials are used by others.

I retain any copyright that I may own to copyright-protected works (“Works”) embodied in the Project or Materials. For any Works for which I own or control the copyright, I hereby grant to the UW Libraries a nonexclusive, royalty- free, irrevocable license to exercise, and to allow others to exercise, all rights under copyright. The UW Libraries is not obligated to use any of the rights granted under this Agreement. 

All works submitted to this project are licensed under a CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International) license. This license allows anyone to share and adapt the material as long as they provide attribution and indicate if any changes were made. The Creative Commons site includes the full license. I have considered and agree to this license for sharing my Work.  

Identification and Credit

In the box labeled “Your name or pseudonym,” I have indicated how I wish to be identified as the creator of the work. I understand that if I wish to be identified as the creator, the UW Libraries will use my name (or other identifier of my choice) in connection with the Project and Materials and will notify users that they are required to identify me as the creator.

I understand that if I DO NOT wish to be identified as the creator, I have submitted this document under a pseudonym. The UW Libraries will NOT use my name in connection with the Project and Materials and will not notify users that they are required to identify me as the creator.

If you have read through these agreements, click Submit to share your writing.