New Code of Best Practices in Fair Use from American University

Fair Use is an essential component of copyright law for digital scholars. Digital scholarship often involves using content that others have created in order to critique, comment, or teach. The new Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for OER from the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at American University provides a framework for thinking about Fair Use in the context of creating new scholarship and open educational resources (OER). The Code highlights the importance of Fair Use as a right for all users and creators, and debunks notions that Fair Use is a “loophole” in copyright law. The expert authors of the Code also emphasize the importance of Fair Use for equity and accessibility. This new Code provides documented community norms that digital scholars can refer to when making Fair Use decisions.

Find out more about the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for OER, and other Codes here:

Please also see the UW Libraries’ Copyright Guide’s Fair Use page, and contact us if you’d like to talk about Fair Use for digital and open scholarship and pedagogy.

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