“Our Favorite Books of 2020” from PressbooksEDU recognizes Badass Womxn in the Pacific Northwest

PressbookEDU’s first annual “Our Favorite Books of 2020” has recognized UW Bothell’s Badass Womxn in the Pacific Northwest zine. 

In the words of Pressbooks staff:

“Oh, and also these two student authored books are legit awesome:”

China’s Magical Creatures by Tineke D’Haeseleer and student contributors

Badass Womxn in the Pacific Northwest from University of Washington by UWB Zine Queenz

– PressbooksEDU, “Our Favorite Books of 2020,” 12/18/2020

Badass Womxn was envisioned, planned, and created by IAS Professor Julie Shayne and her students, with student lead Nicole Carter and librarians Penelope Wood and Denise Hattwig.

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