New Digital Collection: CCUWBee Native Bee Collection

UW Bothell and Cascadia College’s CCUWBee research team has been studying native bee pollinators on campus for the past several years. Led by Dr. Amy Lambert, IAS Associate Teaching Professor, and Sustainability Coordinator Alexa Russo, students, staff, faculty, and alumni in the Research Initiative have photographed and documented diversity of native bee species over time. These research photographs are now available in the open CCUWBee Native Bee Collection.

The CCUWBee Native Bee Collection includes photographs from abundance and diversity surveys on the UW Bothell and Cascadia College Campus. Images show bees of various species throughout several years of surveys and ongoing submissions. With the growing concern of the decline in bee pollinator populations, UW Bothell and Cascadia College made the joint decision to make the campus grounds more pollinator-friendly by working with the Grounds Team to support pollinators on-campus. The team has planted and designed areas with attractive native plants as foraging resources for pollinators, and promoted nesting sites by letting some areas grow unencumbered by mowing and maintenance. This effort has been recognized in our Campus’ recent certification with Bee Campus USA.

The CCUWBee Research Initiative creates opportunities for the campus community to engage in community science research on bee species, make the data available to students and research bodies, and learn about the value of pollinator conservation. Learn more about the group’s efforts and how to get involved on the CCUWBee Research Initiative website.