Open Hosting Digital Scholarship Platforms are Here to Stay

The UW Libraries has been piloting open hosting platforms over the past few years and we are pleased to announce that Manifold Publishing (digital book publishing), Digital Scholarship Hosting (Omeka, WordPress, Scalar, and more) and UW Pressbooks (for creating and adapting Open Educational Resources) are now part of the UW Libraries’ permanent service offerings! The UW Bothell Library looks forward to supporting you in creating knowledge and sharing it openly through digital means with these platforms. Please read on to see sample projects created over the past two years through our pilot and to learn more about getting started with these platforms!


How can YOU use these platforms to enhance your teaching and openly publish your research? Here are a few great examples highlighting the digital scholarship work of UW colleagues across all three campuses:

Manifold (Digital Book Publishing)

Omeka (Digital Collections and Exhibits)

  • Students in Dr. Sarah Ketchley’s LIS 598 (UWS) explored concepts and methodologies of using digital tools for dataset creation, curation and analysis, to answer research questions based on primary source documents and shared their findings in Omeka.

WordPress (Digital Project Presentation)

  • Community Engaged Webdesign class. (UWT) This is a community-engaged project with two courses in collaboration with Catherine Place, a local Pierce County organization. 
  • Becoming a Learner. (UWB) Students in a BCUSP 100 learning strategies class used a SPLOT WordPress template to bring artifacts and reflections together in an open site. The course explores themes such as engaged learning, communication, and time management. Students were encouraged to share media that demonstrated their personal connections to these themes.  

Pressbooks (Open Educational Resources)

  • Designing Tech Policy. (UWS) The University of Washington Tech Policy Lab’s Instructional Case Studies bridge engineering, technology, policy and ethics, and prompts participants to consider the socio-technical aspects of a setting and to engage in a design activity that involves both technical and policy design.
  • Black Lives Matter Collective Storytelling Project. (UWT) A collaboration between two courses where students participated in collective group discussions and produced written stories, videos and other forms of creative work to explore their experiences as it related to race, racism and racial justice. 
  • Persistence is Resistance. (UWB) A collection celebrating 50 years of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. Contributors are a diverse group of scholars, from undergraduate students to emeritus faculty, representing twenty-two institutions. Essays cover GWSS’s history, praxis, and implementation. Developed and edited by Dr. Julie Shayne, UWB. Includes a contribution by Dr. Judith Howard, UWS. 

Join a Workshop this Summer with DSSI

The University of Washington Libraries offers the Digital Scholarship Summer Immersion program (DSSI) as an opportunity to work with new digital scholarship tools for open digital scholarship and pedagogy across our three campuses.

Learn More and Use These Tools

Be sure to explore our Digital Scholarship Guide to learn more about digital scholarship services offered by the Library.

Are you ready to get started with the Libraries’ open hosting platforms for your teaching, research, and scholarship? Contact us, we’re ready to consult and help!

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