Resource Highlight: Open Student Work Guide

A powerful approach to both digital scholarship and pedagogy includes foregrounding and openly publishing student work. The Library’s Open Student Work Guide can help!

Open student work is an opportunity for students to create tangible products that they can share, gain experience with engaging in public conversations, and potentially connect with community partners or learn new technologies. But student agency must be centered in processes and products when working in open pedagogy and open scholarship environments. Students have the right to control their own intellectual property in all cases. 

The Library encourages a student learning component around open scholarship and publishing in classes with open pedagogy/digital scholarship assignments. We are experienced with teaching students about all aspects of “open,” and have developed agreement forms that faculty can use to ensure students have an opportunity to specify their preferences and project agreement. Please let us know if we can collaborate with workshops or other student-learning content.

Check out the Library’s “Open Student Work Guide” for resources, and please read the Library’s “Statement on Student Work in Open Environments.” 

We’d be happy to consult with you and think through any questions or class content! Contact us any time!