How WordPress Templates Can Transform Your Online Teaching This Fall!

Calling all instructors! Are you looking for opportunities to teach digital and public scholarship skills in your classroom? Are you looking for alternatives to the traditional research paper? We’ve got you covered with WordPress site templates! WordPress templates are simple to set up and can be as easy to use as filling out a simple form. Templates (with examples from other institutions) include:

  • Tru Collector, which collects student images and descriptions through a form submission and compiles them into a WordPress site. See Animal Body Plans and Online Ecosystem Maps as examples.
  • Tru Writer, which collects short student essays through a form submission and compiles them into a WordPress site for ease of reading. See the Community Performance Toolbox and Into the Pulterverse as examples.
  • Big Picture Calling Card, this template is perfect for image-focused sites with a text teaser that links to more information. See Just Lego 101 as an example.

These templates are part of the Libraries’ three year digital scholarship infrastructure pilot. We are currently in year one of the pilot right now. Our Digital Scholarship Team is excited to work with you to reimagine your course to include these tools! Please contact us today for more information or to get set up with one of these templates.

Digital Scholarship Team:

  • Denise Hattwig, UW Bothell
  • Verletta Kern, UW Seattle
  • Erika Bailey, UW Tacoma

Contact us at 

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