Latinx Feminism

By Martin Arriaga & Mariana Marban-Maldonado.


Interview with Michelle Téllez by Feminist Freedom Warriors, 2019, from Feminist Freedom Warriors. 

Latinos at Pride Festival by Attendees of the 1991 Orange County Gay Pride Festival, 1991, from University of Southern California Libraries. 

Latinos ACT UP: Transnational AIDS Activism in the 1990s by ACT UP Oral History Project, 2008, from ACT UP Oral History Project. 

Chola Con Cello, née María Elena Gaitán by Women Who Rock, 2011, from Women Who Rock. 

Photo of The Club Hijas de Cuauhtemoc by Album Historico Graifico, 1920, from Library of Congress, //, Copyright © 1920 Album Histórico Gráfico 

Letter to the President Carranza by Hermila Galindo, 1919, from Library of Congress. 

Photo of Dr. Helen Rodriguez-Trias by Altrustic World Online Libraray, 1965, The Office of the Gender and Women's Studies Librarian. Founding member of Committee to End Sterilization Abuse. 

SIDA Y LA COMUNIDAD LATINA by Salud Publica, 2002, from Feminist Community Archive of Washington.