The Power of Music and Art: Activism, Community, Influence, and Mutual Support

Rania matar home — Robert Klein Gallery

From photography and film to the hard-hitting notes of Hip-hop, the arts become the tools of the revolutionaries painting powerful messages into their works.  After all, “great protests are great art works,” according to artist Sarah Sze. These exhibits explore the safety of salsa dancing, paint the portrait and importance of poetry, and preserve the works of women artists like SHE by photographer Rania Matar and the films by the Reel Grrls.


"Creating a Safe Place with Music” by Jen Bueffel and Sage Roberts | "Women in Poetry in the 19th and 20th Centuries” by Tessa Denton | "Hip-Hop Feminism in the United States” by anonymous | “Support For Marginalized Groups Through Music” by Michelle Castro-Cuno | “Women and the Queer Community in Film and Photography” by A. Swasey