Transgender Experiences: Dignity, Equality, and Joy

Unearthing the stories of resilience and of celebration is equally important to these student researchers and archivists. From promoting wearable activism to capturing the casual community potluck, these exhibits explore oral histories, independent publications like newsletters and zines, and cross continents, actively working against the erasure of trans lives and demanding dignity for all.


"The Trans Experience We Don't Talk About: Joy" by SA | "We are People, We Have Buttons” by Audriannah Horne and Talon Martin | "Demand for Dignity and Equality: LGBTQ+ and Women in Sports Activism” by Sarah McDermott | “The AIDS Epidemic - A Resilient History Through Graphic Arts” by Henry Nguyen & Hanan Rouf | “Transgender Experience in Latin America” by Jesus E. Celestino | “The Power of Information: Helping to Teach Parents and Kids About LGBTQ+” by Nishan Memon