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350 Eastside in the Archive

350 Eastside is an environmental justice organization. This chapter focuses on policy, advocacy, education, and creative direct action to ensure a sustainable, viable planet for generations to come. 350 Eastside focuses on renewable energy sources on the eastside and beyond. You can find more information on their website and connect with them on social media. 

Community Alliance for Global Justice in the Archive

Community Alliance for Global Justice is an environmental justice organization that focuses on agriculture and trade policies and practices imposed by governments and corporations.  This organization seeks to empower local economies through community education and mobilization of individuals and organizations to promote fair trade practices that embody social justice and sustainability. 

Food Not Bombs in the Archive

This mutual aid organization focuses on nonviolent direct action by using food and hot meals to protest war, poverty, and destruction of the environment across the globe. Food Not Bombs promotes veganism, vegetarianism and solidarity over charity. This Seattle chapter hosts a Free Market on Sundays and serves hot meals Saturdays and Sundays.

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence in the Archive

 Grandmothers Against Gun Violence works collaboratively with other organizations to reduce gun violence and remedy the complex societal factors that contribute to a culture of gun violence. GAGV supports efforts to: close gun sale loopholes and require universal background checks on gun sales; ban the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines and military style assault weapons; safe storage of guns; efforts to improve access to and delivery of mental health services; and increased research into the causes of violence and into effective prevention.

Indivisible Kirkland in the Archive

Indivisible Kirkland promotes progressive ideals to advance justice, equity, and inclusion through civic engagement at the local and state level. Quite simply, they envision a just society. The organization’s priority issues for 2020 included: climate change, gun safety, healthcare & reproductive rights, civil rights & social justice, affordable housing, and immigrant & refugee rights.

Indivisible Kirkland stands in solidarity with Black-led organizations calling for defunding the police and investing in community wellness, particularly in programs that will positively impact Black, brown, and indigenous communities. Indivisible Kirkland pledges to support the organizations, with particular emphasis on Black-led groups, who are working to defund the police and invest in marginalized communities. Our support comes in the form of financial support, policy advocacy at the local and state levels, and amplifying the work that Black and brown leaders are doing in our community. 

LGBTQ Allyship in the Archive

LGBTQ Allyship is made up of LGBTQ+ and allies who seek to work in solidarity with marginalized communities to understand the interconnectedness of oppression and to support the systematic liberation of all people. LGBTQ Allyship believe that all oppressions are interconnected and in the possibility of a future world free of oppression. Social justice, fairness, compassion, democracy, accountability, anti-racism and transparency are all reflected within the organizational structure, activism, strategies and practices.

Life Wire in the Archive

Since 1982 Life Wire has been on a mission to end domestic violence and create a world where every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive. The organization has partnered with more than 148,000 domestic violence survivors on their journeys towards safety, stability and healing. By offering one-on-one advocacy and support Life Wire works each day to ensure the safety and enduring independence of every survivor that walks through its doors. Life Wire also recognizes that domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women and children in the United States. That’s why it developed a wide range of services to help keep survivors and their families off the streets and in safe and stable housing. Additionally, Life Wire works with youth and young adults to develop foundations early in life, preventing future violence.

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington in the Archive

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Washington state, and they believe that every woman should be able to make personal decisions about their reproductive health options. NARAL works to protect every woman’s right to access the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.

New Beginnings in the Archive

Founded in 1976, New Beginnings’ mission is to empower survivors and mobilize community awareness and action to end domestic violence. It is the only full service agency in Seattle whose primary mission is to serve domestic violence survivors. With over 40 years of established history, New Beginnings has become a leading force in the movement to end domestic violence and has grown to include a full range of services for survivors. On average New Beginnings serves over 10,000 women, children, and men each year. New Beginnings is a member of the National and Washington State Coalitions Against Domestic Violence and the Coalition Ending Gender Based Violence. New Beginnings is also a member of the Seattle/King County Coalition for the Homeless, Seattle Human Services Coalition and is a United Way member agency.

Out in Front in the Archive

Out in Front fosters the development of effective, engaged, and passionate leaders in order to build a thriving LGBTQ community. They train LGBTQ people of diverse identities and backgrounds on the theories and skills required to be inspirational, accountable, relevant, and inclusive leaders in the movement for social justice and equality. They do this through training, networking, and mentorship. Out In Front strives to provide a diverse look at the ways in which our community works for equality, and the ways our community can more effectively reach out to our friends and allies.

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest in the Archive

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii protects and promotes reproductive health, rights and justice. It does so by advocating for public policies that guarantee the right to choice and full and nondiscriminatory access to reproductive health care, and fostering and preserving a social and political climate favorable to the exercise of reproductive choice through voter education, candidate endorsement and other means. Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii is an independent, non profit, non partisan organization educating residents and policy-makers about reproductive health issues in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and Washington.

Radical Women in the Archive

Radical Women is a trailblazing socialist feminist, grassroots activist organization that provides a radical, revolutionary voice within the feminist movement, a feminist voice within the Left, and trains women to be leaders in the movements for social and economic justice. Immersed in the daily fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and labor exploitation, RW believes in multi-issue organizing around the needs of the most oppressed. RW is an autonomous, all-women’s group, united on the basis of shared socialist feminist ideals.

Seattle NOW (National Organization for Women) in the Archive

As the 36th chapter of the National Organization for Women in the United States, this organization is dedicated to working within the system to create change and when that doesn’t work, raising a little hell. Through picketing, protesting, lobbying, awareness campaigns, and intersectional coalition building, this organization focuses on reproductive justice, equal rights, labor and economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, and LGBTQIA+ rights. 

SnoCo Indivisible in the Archive

SnoCo Indivisible is a local Washington chapter of national Indivisible which was galvanized after the 2016 election. They are a group of volunteer citizen activists, advocating for positive legislation, regulations, and government programs to improve our democracy, help the environment, push for immigrant, civil, and all human rights in addition to working toward an enhanced quality of life. They also register people to vote and discuss avenues to becoming active members in the community to invoke positive change.

Washington Dream Coalition COVID-19 Relief Fund for Undocumented Individuals in the Archive

Washington Dream Coalition COVID-19 Relief Fund for Undocumented Individuals is a grassroots, community-led fund created by current and former undocumented young professionals in the Washington Dream Coalition. Launched on March 27, 2020, they’ve successfully raised over $7,000,000 to provide $500-$1000 one-time payments to thousands of undocumented people across Washington state. Thier mission was to provide emergency and recovery financial assistance to undocumented households left out of federal relief efforts and government safety net programs. By August of 2020, they closed their application after 20,000 submissions.

Women of Color for Systemic Change in the Archive

This youth led organization, used grassroots community engagement to combat the issue of police accountability and brutality. Women of Color for Systemic Change sported “aggressively peaceful actions” to promote: unbiased police prosecution, mandated cultural competency education programs for the criminal justice system, and required annual de-escalation workshops for police officers. When active, this organization engaged with the youth of color and young women of color to participate in conversations around systemic change while also taking to the streets in protest. 

WHEEL (Women’s Housing Equality and Enhancement League) in the Archive

The Women’s Housing, Equality and Enhancement League (WHEEL) is a non-profit and non-hierarchical group of homeless and formerly homeless women working on ending homelessness for women. WHEEL is all about empowerment and action, and works to get women out of the places where they have been hiding, recognize them as an individual, to give voice and leadership to homeless women, to organize campaigns around increased services and safety for women, and to develop and support self-managed shelters.

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