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Feminist Community Archive of Washington

“Feminist Community Archive of Washington” by the Feminist Community Archive of Washington.

The Feminist Community Archive of Washington (FCA-WA) documents and preserves the work and history of feminist social justice organizations in Bothell and the Puget Sound region. With the guidance and instruction of UW Bothell faculty, UW Bothell student researchers conduct interviews and oral histories with activists and organization members and founders, collect documents and media important to the organizations’ formation and actions, and record organization events. The products of these student research and knowledge production activities comprise the content of the Archive. 

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Explore organizations housed on the FCA-WA via the links below.

Collage of UW Bothell organizations and images
UW Bothell Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

UW Bothell Organizations

Clubs, unions, a radio station, an interdisciplinary field of study, advocacy groups, and more, all from UW Bothell.

Collage representing BIPOC organizers
BIPOC Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

BIPOC Organizations

Communities, projects, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the health, rights, and opportunities of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals.

Collage of images of organizations
SARV + Anti-Violence Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

SARV + Anti-Violence Organizations

Foundations and organizations with the missions of ending sexual violence and domestic abuse, providing services to survivors, and promoting sexual and reproductive health and pleasure.

Collage of images from organizations, drawings, and people
Youth Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

Youth Organizations

Organizations committed to providing resources for abused youth, increasing awareness of gender diversity, providing safe spaces for young girls of color, and other youth-centered services.

Collage of LGBTQ+ organizations
LGBTQ+ Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

LGBTQ+ Organizations

Missions, organizations, projects, networks, and communities dedicated to LGBTQ+ inclusion, safety, solidarity, and rights.

Collage of scenes from feminist protests
Activist Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

Activist Organizations

Organizations promoting reproductive rights, anti-racism, immigrant rights, environmental justice, and battling gun violence, domestic violence, and other forms of oppression.

Collage of community organizations
Community Outreach Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

Community Outreach Organizations

Community-oriented programs and projects working to break the cycle of homelessness, advocate for sustainable policies, provide shelter for domestic abuse victims, empower African communities, and more.

Collage of images representing education organizations
Education Organizations Collage” by Violet Dahlstrom.

Education Organizations

Projects and missions focused on educating about consensual and pleasure-based sexuality, empowering adult students and low-income minorities, training girls in media production, and so much more.

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