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This blog site is the culmination of research conducted by students within a School of Educational Studies course at the University of Washington-Bothell. Students selected a group (based on principles of inclusion and social justice) on whose behalf they investigated organizations available to offer educational support. They then critically analyzed the work of this educational improvement organization (here in the Puget Sound region), created a blog post, and shared their posts on this blog site.

This blog site might be helpful for preservice teacher candidates, inservice teachers, and administrators within the K-12 system as well as community college and higher education faculty and staff. The vision here is to create a non-profit educational improvement organization list along with critical analysis of the work by these organizations. We (students and instructor from this course) hope that you find this resource beneficial and of value in your work with students having varied needs. If you have any questions or feedback about this content, please contact the instructor (Dr. Sarita Shukla [shuklas @ uw.edu]).