Mental Health

The Healing Center

The Healing Center became a non-profit organization in September of 2000 in Seattle. They started their support groups in an apartment, church basements, and other spaces that were borrowed. The Healing Center was able to rent a home in Seattle where they were able to have all of their programs under one roof about 5 years later in December of 2005. The Healing Center supports children, young adults and families in their time of need by providing resources, support and an open discussion to remove any associations of disgrace from mental illness.

Their mission is to have a safe environment that establishes love and honors grief. The Healing Center understands that anyone can experience grief including students that are children and young adults, this is why they have different support groups for people of all ages who have experienced the death of their loved one. Their belief is when it comes to grief we do it on our own but at The Healing Center they believe that the community is an intrinsic part of the healing process. The Healing Center has made an incredible impact in society. They have had 14 grief support groups made, served 400 people has had 20 annual volunteers and 300 hours of group-based bereavement support just during 2020. Over the past 20 years the Healing Center has served over 8,000 people.

The Healing Center has an amazing website and not only is it accessible but the website also provides a list of other grief resources. This really shows as a client that they really want to help whether it’s getting help from them or another grief resource. They also includes a list of frequently asked questions just in case you might also have some questions but don’t feel comfortable reaching out just yet.  They have support groups for the loss of a spouse/partner which includes an early loss group, transitions group, memory keepers group and survivors of suicide. They have a young adult support group for adults the age of 19-30 and a teen support group and as well as a few groups for children. The Healing Center also includes their calendar that shows what support group meet up on what day.

Although they had a good amount of support groups I feel like they lacked having more in depth support groups for teens. Teens usually start middle school or are in 8th grade, if they had gone through something traumatic during that time it can really impact them in school just because of the transition from elementary school to middle school or if they are going to high school soon it’ll be a different experience and dealing with their trauma and grief alone during that time can be tough. Another incredible organization that I also stumbled across in the Seattle are is NAMI. They works to fill in gaps in the local mental health system through education, support and referrals. Another organization is Art with Heart, this organization is focused on using the healing power of creative expression to support kids and youth.



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