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Youth Care

Whom do they serve?


Importance of youth homelessness

I strongly believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to succeed, and with the ongoing issue of homelessness especially in the youth, it is difficult for this to be a reality. A lot of kids, teens and young adults are often removed from their homes due to destructive home environments, poor living conditions, or due to the simple fact that they do not have a place they they can call home. By choosing this topic, I am bringing awareness to organizations that are able to support the homeless youth and offer them a brighter future. Supporting the homeless youth evades the risk of long-lasting impacts, including substance abuse, mental health problems, etc. Being such a prominent issue in America, it is important to bring awareness to this issue so it does not become an ongoing cycle that is difficult to assess and repair.

Whom do they serve?

Youth Care is a nonprofit organization that works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential. This organization envisions a community in which all young people have the opportunity to thrive, and that the systems that oppress them are dismantled.

Organization History

This organization was founded in 1974 by JoAnn and Larry Sims after being exposed to their community and the trauma of youth homelessness. Immediately, they initiated the difficult conversation amongst their community members about selling their church and using the proceeds to open up a youth shelter. They were met with reluctance but persevered, sustaining themselves throughout the years and creating the organization that they dreamt of years ago, YouthCare.

Services Offered?

Youth Care provides services such as housing programs, Early Intervention and Specialized Services, Employment programs, and Education programs for the youth. Their staff help to build trust, mapping out plans for their next steps, and supporting the youth in achieving their goals. All of this information can be found on their website and easily accessible to the public.

What could they improve on?

Despite the amazing work that Youth Care is doing, they could do better in promoting themselves to the homeless youth population and/or reaching out to more volunteers in order for them to better spread the awareness of this widespread issue in the Puget Sound area and across the US. By doing this, the affected youth can connect with the volunteers that they are surrounded by. Additionally, their website could be more appealing and less compact, making it easily accessible. They could accomplish this by hiring a website or graphic designer to make their website more appealing and improve the functionality and overall navigation-aspect of their website.

Affiliate Organizations/Services?

Youth Care is also associated and in alignment with several resources across the Puget Sound area, including The NW Network, Stolen Youth, Kent Youth and Family Services, and so much more. These organizations offer similar services as Youth Care and help fight against youth homelessness in the Puget Sound Area. You can find this information here.

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