Low Income

Low Income

Education is a right.

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Education is a right that all people should have access to. Sadly, we live in a world where that is not an equal opportunity for all. Children born every year cannot control their income status, and their opportunities can be slim compared to others around them. The Northwest Education access is a non-profit that provides comprehensive and individual support to help low-income young people, from the ages of 16-29, build a path toward higher education. The NWEA came to be after Dr. Polly Trout saw how many barriers low-income youth had to overcome to succeed in college. From 2002-2006 the association was fully volunteer based, but finally received funding in 2006. Through expansion the Seattle Education Access started to grow into the King County area and is currently continuing to grow to the point where they changed their name to the Northwest Education Access.The Northwest Education Access provides personal attention, mentorship, technical assistance, and support to low-income people navigating post-secondary education. They connect low-income students with information and resources, Advocate for and with low-income people, empowering them to develop a voice of their own, and lastly provide financial support to those in need to help chase their goals of higher education.

The NWEA offer a premium service that differentiates them from other non-profits in the field. This is their education advocates. The advocates are a direct line to the students, and they help create an educational plan directly based off of the goals of the students. At NWEA students are at the drivers seat the goal is to help them achieve their desired goals. Education advocates are available to students for support, mentoring, coaching. The education advocates offer:

  • Flexibility to meet with students
  • In-person support to help navigate financial aid and other resources
  • Open-ended timeline in working towards a goal
  • Low-barrier access to a support service
  • Loyalty to the student, not a school, or outside organization

Although the NWEA offer a really good mentorship towards their students they only serve the older community. Before the ages of 16 they offer no help to any student. This is a glaring flaw, because there are many low-income students who will already be struggling by the time, they get to the age of 16. They do offer great support to higher education, and I love that they serve no bias to a school or organization.

NWEA do what they do very well and in their goal and main program of college prep for students they are almost unmatched in the greater Seattle area. They are spoken off very highly being given 100 out of 100 points by Charity Navigator. There are many similar educational organizations in Seattle including Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, as well as equity in education coalition which both serve similar higher education opportunities for students.

Education should be a given, not a luxury and non-profit organizations such as the North West Education Access are giving students the opportunities they deserve.

Low Income

Northwest Education Access


Why is the group that I chose to research important?

I chose to investigate poverty group of students because I have always believed that the prosperity of education affects the future of a country, and that education can affect a person’s values, worldview. To a certain extent, higher education is not only to teach job skills, but also to transport talents for the country. In the US, college tuition and daily expense are not cheap. When many people consider whether to apply to college, financial issues will always be a key factor. This has also caused many students who are eager to acquire knowledge to give up the opportunity of higher education in the face of obstacles and choose to work. I believe that among these people, there must be some people who have talents but have no way to develop, which is also the loss of national development in a certain sense. That’s why I chose to research this non-profit organization whose main mission is to help students who are struggling financially but still seek educational opportunities. It first ensures that students want to be educated, that these students, after being supported, have the opportunity to seek an equal education and have the potential to be useful to society.

Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

Northwest Education Access was established in 2002. Northwest Education Access provides comprehensive and independent support for some low-income young people aged 16-29 to help these young people find their own path to reach the higher education. Mainly includes providing low-income young people with higher education technical assistance, guidance, and moral support. Connect young people with information and resources and support them in developing a personalized plan. Lead them to come together and make their voices heard together. The most important point is to provide them with the basic needs while in school to help them succeed on the path to higher education.

Whom do they serve?

All the young people from age 16-29 with low-income, whom have no ability to support their own college life but still want to attend college.

Programs offered?

College Prep is the program they offered. Through the College Prep Program, they help youth prepare for higher education. Northwest Education Access hire education advocates work with each student to create a career and academic achievement plan. Some of these students choose vocational or technical post-secondary courses, while others choose academic or professional courses. The program starts from enrollment application, understand students about what their goals are. And then the program has technical support and tutoring for students prepare for tests, and then support students on their college life, the program ends with the graduation from college.

What could they do better?

I think organization can provide students with ways and places to reduce stress, because students will have burdens under these pressures of academics and enrollment. Organizations can organize events so that they can more easily complete their plans for the future.

Was information about the organization accessible?

Yes, I could find the information on the website clearly, including the organization’s history, organization members, their introduction to the project, and contact information. They also provide information on volunteering and seeking out full-time education advocates. All information about this organization can be found.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

It’s not just this one organization helping students. Friends of Youth also provides support for the future of young people, an organization that helps young people find plans for their future paths and help them achieve success.

In addition to this, ROOTS Young Adult Shelter provides life support to young people, including housing for homeless young people. This is also another aspect to provide help and guarantee for the future of the country.

Low Income

El Centro de la Raza- Helping our people

By Luis Guerrero



Why is the group you chose to research important?

El Centro de la Raza is a community-based organization located in Seattle, Washington. This is an essential group to research because they help marginalized communities get easier access to resources and help that they shall need. It is based around low-income POC families and students. This organization also helps push the standards of equity because It allows low-income students to have access to the same resources and support that many other students already have. Due to the programs and resources, this group has available for students, they can their goals and success at school.

Brief History of Educational Organization

According to the Website, “El Centro de la Raza strives to use social, cultural, educational, economic and civic activities as vehicles to bring together peoples of all races and refuses to separate our nation’s economic model form the historic tragedy of racism, poverty, and war.” El Centro de la Raza was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1972. During this time, the city was going through the worst recession it had endured since the 1930s, due to the “Boeing Bust.” Through the economic challenges the city had at hand, El Centro de la Raza was created. Occupying a former school, El Centro de la Raza now had a headquarters to operate out of, for the people of Puget Sound.

Whom do they Serve?

El Centro de la Raza works to serve the low-income, marginalized population of the community. This could include people from any culture, people of color, and especially students. This organization has multiple programs and resources to help serve these populations of the greater Puget Sound community.

Programs Offered?

El Centro de la Raza offers various kinds of programs in categories such as Child & Youth Programs, Human & Emergency Services, Education & Asset-Building Programs, Housing & Economic Development, and Advocacy & Community Organizing Programs. A notable program the organization offers is a program in Youth Job Readiness Training. This program allows ELL students to obtain and learn skills to acquire and maintain employment.

What could they do better?

What the organization could do better is offer this website in various languages. Since a great number of populations from marginalized communities, such as Latinos, will access this website, it would be helpful if they could read about the organization and the resources it has to offer in their mother tongue, such as Spanish.

Was information about the organization accessible? Red Flags?

The information about the El Centro de la Raza was easily accessible. They have proper tabs with subcategories that are easy to access, as well as links within the page itself to make navigation around the site easier. The organization did not appear to have any obvious red flags, which allows the community to browse the site safely and profit from its available resources.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Organizations that are doing similar work to El Centro de la Raza are actually their partners. One notable partner is United Way of King County. This organization allows for students coming from low-income situations to achieve success and graduate. They also tackle racial inequities head-on to make for a better community.


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Low Income

The Education Trust

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

I chose to investigate the Education Trust because it is a national nonprofit organization that works to close opportunity gaps for students who come from low-income families. Ed Trust strives for equity in education from preschool through college and makes efforts to increase college access and completion. Their main focus is to speak up for students to improve the school system to support their needs and potential. They analyze local, state, and national data to understand the opportunity gaps and actions that can be done to help close them.

Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

Ed Trust’s mission is to provide high-quality learning opportunities for all students regarding their skin color, families’ income, language spoken at home, or who they love. Through their research, they are hoping to promote engaging learning opportunities, increase college access and completion, and raise political and public awareness on equity in education. The website indicates that they prioritize the social justice movement as their core value, and their goal is to improve the lives of those who are historically underserved, including Black students, Latino students, and students from low-income families.

Whom do they serve? Programs offered?

This organization serves students, parents, educators, and even policymakers to make changes for students from low-income backgrounds. They provide research programs to help recognize equity issues in the P-12 education system and promote practices and policies that help close opportunity gaps for low-income students. They also work for college students to help complete their education as postsecondary education is considered a ticket to achieving social and economic mobility.

What could they do better?

I believe that the Education Trust is doing well in terms of supporting low-income students. They list out clear information on what measures they are taking to provide resources for students. They are frequently holding events to spread information about resolving equity issues. However, I think they could do better by holding various events with more students involved. Students should also be able to know that there is an organization working to improve the overall quality of education system, and it should not only be limited to parents and educators.

Was information about the organization accessible?

Yes, information about the organization was accessible because the website clearly states what effort they are putting in to help reach their goal. I did not have much problem accessing information that I was searching for on the organization’s website.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

  1. iMentor: a New-York based organization that matches students from low-income communities to mentors. The students develop a strong bond with their mentors and are given one-on-one advice on graduating high school and attending college.
  2. National College Access Network (NCAN): This organization’s goal is to provide better education access to low-income and underrepresented students. Their strategy is to make sure that those who help students are well-trained and well-informed.

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Communities in Schools of Seattle

Two students working on a project.

Why is the group you chose to research important?

I chose this group because I myself am a student of color and I think it is important for us to recognize who we are and that we have a lot more power than what it may seem. I know many people who doubt their own abilities just because of where they are from, and there should be no doubts about this. This organization has the resources to give us that opportunity and to give us the chance to find our abilities. Since many kids do not graduate high school, this organization is important in that their goal is to make sure those kids do graduate and have the confidence to further their careers.

Brief history of the organization and its purpose.

The Communities In Schools Seattle states their purpose in their equity statement. They say it is to support students of color in their communities by providing them with resources and opportunities. They also recognize what is needed by the community and eliminate social/historical barriers. They say 1 on 4 students fail to graduate on time in Washington, and they are partnering up with public schools to help address this. The parent organization, which is just Communities In Washington, has a goal of giving the youth control in the classroom and a quality education by addressing inequalities in the education system.

Whom do they serve?

They serve the children and youth of Seattle, and the parent one areas of Washington. By giving kids across the region access to resources, they can help those kids with adult-problems such as homelessness, racism, trauma, and more. They help those youth in various situations whom need the educational assistance. Kids who are at risk of dropping out, that is who they help majority of the time as well.

Programs offered?

There is no area where they list their programs, but there is a page of how one could help. Besides publicizing the organization and donations, people can help organize their own Communities In Schools in one’s community. They are also looking for people to fill their board of directors. They also have live and virtual fundraisers.

Besides what other people can do, they offer services to those in school who have adult problems like homelessness, low income, and others who are at risk of not meeting their graduation quotas.

What could they do better?

They could definitely offer more programs to the community. This is an area they are definitely lacking in, and since they are an organization that branches out to specific regions, having region-specific programs to the community would be extremely beneficial and inviting. I do worry about the intentions of the organization, but they do have a list of all the schools they work with and it is a pretty comprehensive list. They have a success stories page, but it only has three stories. I would expect that an organization would manage more, but any success story is good.

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?

There was a lot of information that was accessible. The financial information is relatively transparent, and when one goes to the donation form, there is a list of amounts of donations attached with the purpose of it. They seem to be in a great need of sponsorships, probably to get their word out and not for any ill intentions. They publicly list their tax ID presumably to get their tax information. It is good that they are not trying to hide that information, but openly giving it. It is also easy to see the list of employees and the board of directors. I even saw students of the University of Washington on the board, which makes the organization even more trustworthy. The website looks very professional and does not have any formatting mistakes.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

One organization I found was Washington STEM. They are a nonprofit organization that also has a goal in providing better education and to remove historical barriers. They say they envision our state as one where no matter where someone comes from, it does not influence or predict their career.

Another educational organization I found was Northwest Education Access. Their mission is to help low-income students and to give them financial support in their educational careers.

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