Muslim Students

Muslim Students

Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

I chose to investigate Muslim Students group because Muslims Students have been facing discrimination, bullying and limitation of accessibility because of their religion. Many of the Muslims Students are not aware of their own rights due to their age and lack of Islamic’r rights educational-sources or institutions. So, giving attention to such an organization like CAIR is important in the Muslim and non-Mulsim community. 

The CAIR Washington civil rights and non-profit organization founded in 2002 based on Seattle. The organization aim to sever the Muslim community and to represent professional American Muslim activists in the area. Their purpose is to defend all Muslims no matter where they are, help them to know their rights, empower them, be their voice and build a stronger community. 

The organization hosts a variety of events and trainings to help victims of hate crimes, Muslim employees in their workplace and in prison. In addition, they offer events to the youth in order to help them understand their rights and how to discuss the issue of discriminations and bullying especially in schools. They also informed them with steps they should follow if they get bullied or discriminated against. Additionally, they offer assistances to help with any immigration issues.  

The organization seems to have good services. They tried to cover most of the issues and needs in the Muslim community considering all ages. 

The organization information was accessible and it was clear about the mission and their work. They provided pictures of most of their events, lists of the programs and events all documented, their own platforms, contacts informations to reach them easily and informations about their team and staff. 

Similar organization in Puget Sound include the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS)

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Muslim Students

Islamic Center of Bothell

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Muslims living in the West experience many forms of injustice due to misinformation and false representation in the media. Many times, Muslims are portrayed in movies negatively and are viewed as the villains. Having a false understanding of Islam has led to many atrocious and unjust hate crimes towards innocent Muslims. It is important to educate those who have a misunderstanding. Furthermore, Muslims need a safe place to lean on and feel a sense of community. 

Brief history and purpose of the organization:

The Islamic Center of Bothell has been serving the Puget Sound community for more than ten years. The Islamic Center was officially opened to the community on August 22nd, 2009. The goals of the Islamic Center of Bothell include educating the community, supporting spiritual growth, and providing a place to practice the religion of Islam with the congregation. Moreover, they encourage the participation of new members and are welcoming to anyone who would like to gain more knowledge of the religion.

Who the organization serves:

ICOB serves the Muslim community living in Bothell and surrounding areas. The Islamic Center also encourages those who want to learn more about Islam or just visit Muslim’s place of worship to join the community as well.

Programs Offered:

One of the organizations that the Islamic Center of Bothell provides is Islam 101. Islam 101 is a program that allows people to learn the basics of Islam. Muslims and non-Muslims are encouraged to take the class to learn the fundamentals and to have the opportunity to ask any questions that they might have. The Islam 101 class takes place for a duration of four weeks every quarter. 

From daily congregational prayers to Islamic studies classes for children, ICOB (Islamic Center of Bothell) is committed to accurately spreading the teachings of Islam. ICOB allows Muslims in the area to cultivate their identity as well as increasing their knowledge. ICOB emphasizes the importance of good behavior and respect, which is an obligation in the religion of Islam.

Accessibility of Information on Website:

I believe that the Islamic Center of Bothell’s website is accessible and clearly states the vision and goals of the mosque. However, I believe that updating the events tab and including more details is important. I noticed that not all of their courses and programs are displayed on the website. Going to the Islamic Center in person allows people to learn about more of their programs, but including the information online could allow for much more participation from the community.

How they can Improve:

The website could be improved by adding pictures of the events in order to provide visuals for those who are new to the community. Pictures can go a long way in showing new members what exactly goes on inside the mosque during different events and occasions.

Similar Organization:

Muslim Association of Puget Sound MAPS is another Islamic Center in Redmond that also provides a variety of educational courses as well as being a place of worship. MAPS also provides classes for new Muslims to learn more about how to practice the religion.

Muslim Students


Even being born and raised in the United States, we still have grammar mistakes and imperfect language structure when writing and speaking. English might be an easy language for native speakers, but for foreigners / immigrants, this isn’t the case. Data shows that the evident language barrier prevents parents from being involved in school events, causing their student to be academically absent. 

The islamic institute founded in the early 2000s, has been a center of safe and tranquility for all immigrants and new Muslims alike. They offer English, Arabic, and other beneficial courses as a means to succeeding as a new immigrant in this country. In 2010, Abubakar Masjid was recognized by the city and was able to receive large funding for annual competitions and rewards. Hoards of new and born Muslims came to participate in the events. In these events, the Islamic Institute made sure no discrimination was to be tolerated, surprisingly, even non-Muslims were said to have been found participating.

The institute later found formed a private school where children of immigrants attended to hone their skills and be prepared for the advanced curriculum ahead of them. They began to help parents find funding for housing and living expenses, living without worrying about food on a table.

Full-Time Private School:
For a reasonable price, parents are able to enroll their child into a full-time program where the student would be academically on par with peers in public schools, but also benefitting from religious lessons, advanced ESL classes, and free tutoring after school. 

Weekend Classes:

One of the programs offered by this organization is for families who don’t want to fully dedicate to the program but still want to enjoy the benefits and support that comes with it. Students would only attend classes on the weekend where they would learn more about their culture and religion so their identity isn’t lost while attending a new western school.

Sports Teams:

Because you cannot take the thrill of competing in games with peers from young students, the organization has formed a basketball and soccer team with annual community competitions that include prizes. The whole event would be hosted in English and player communication was expected to be English as well, so that students could utilize their adrenaline to boost their understanding of the language. 

Religion-Related Contests:

One of the main reasons parents choose to enroll their child into the organization, is for how engaged it is with religion and its practices. With a very generous prize pool, students are incentivized to perform well in their Islamic studies. Other Islamic organizations come together to host these events together, one of the biggest annual competitons is held in Minnesota. Plane tickets for contestants are funded for, and winners have a chance to compete in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to win the biggest prizes of them all.

Accessing this information wasn’t the easiest because the website has never been fully published, so I had to talk to a lot of the leaders and attenders. I really don’t like how the website is outdated, but if you call the organization’s number, some of the programs are accessible and explained. One more thing I noticed was that the full-time curriculum is an 8-hour day school day, making it the same as public schools. This would mean that they would try to squeeze in more knowledge and information instead of extending school-hours for the best outcome. 

Other organizations include Zayd bin Thabit and Islamic Learning Center who’ve used this organization as a great example of assisting Muslim immigrant families. Zayd does a great job of making the school accessible to Muslims who aren’t necessarily immigrants but still interested in learning more about the religion with their religion only classes on weekends. Abubakr Tahfeed Quran competition at masjid Abubakr Islamic Center of Washington USA - YouTube


Muslim Students

The Muslim Association of Puget Sound

On September 11th, 2001, the Twin Towers in New York collapsed in a terrorist attack by Muslim extremists. This event would cause a ripple effect that persists years after it occurred in the form of xenophobia, misinformation, and systematic injustice towards the Islamic population. The need for Muslim-oriented educational assistance has been needed ever since, giving the Muslim Association of Puget Sound great importance.

Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) | Bellevue College

The Muslim Association of Puget Sound (or MAPS) is a non-profit organization and the largest Islamic center in Washington. Founded in 2006, the organization was created with the intention of providing resources to Muslim communities in the area and creating a thriving community. The organization offers multiple courses for children of different age groups and older women (sisters), as well as newly practicing Muslims. Such educational opportunities include weekend classes dedicated to learning how to read the Quran, SAT prep courses for teenagers, and 1-on-1 tutoring.

The organization aims to better the Muslim population of Puget sound via offering accessible education and a place of worship, but also a safe space for all Muslims. I find this important in our day in age due to the fact that it’s becoming harder and harder to establish community if one is part of a marginalized group; a safe space for expressing belief is a blessing nowadays.

If anything about MAPS must be criticized, it is that they seem to lack a general page that explains what they offer for education. It has a rather bare contact page and lacks insight as to what daily life in the organization is like. This could be improved by adding reviews or videos from the people who attend MAPS as well as adding a general page that explains what educational services are offered to all attendees.

Similar organizations in Puget Sound include the Muslim Community Resource Center, a branch of MAPS that is dedicated to providing resources to the less-fortunate members of the community.

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