Centro Rendu Saint Vincent de Paul


Why is the group that you chose to research important?

I chose to investigate Latino students because this group makes up the second-highest race of population in the Puget Sound area. I am also part of this group so I get to learn more about what resources are out there and are provided for us.

Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

Centro Rendu was founded in the Puget sound area in 2013. The name Centro Rendu comes from a blessed daughter of Charity, Rosalie Rendu. Rosaline was a leader, teacher, organizer, and advocate for justice who took care of her family during the 19th-century industrial revolution in Paris. Centro Rendu’s mission is to protect, defend and support Latino families.

Whom do they serve? Programs offered?

This organization offers services through education, social services, legal advocacy, and leadership development that are aimed to empower and strengthen communities. They have many programs such as free adult education. You can take basic classes in Spanish for English lessons, high school completion, and computer classes. There is a case management program that provides service to help achieve stability and self-sufficiency. Legal services that connect individuals and families in their path to status. Their “Back 2 Work” program supports Latino adults to earn their diplomas as well as provide job connections. Early Childhood resources which is a direct line for families with preschool children who need access to services. A ReRuote program that aims to help prevent gang involvement, drug use, and academic challenges through mentorship.

What could they do better?

I think an area of growth would be more ways for this organization to reach their target audience of latinos in need of help. I had to do some digging to find this site and it’s a great one that should be towards the top when people in the Puget Sound Area need to search for these kinds of things.

Was information about the organization accessible?

Yes, I could easily find everything. The website is not overwhelming with information, it’s very direct, plus there is an option to view in Spanish. At the very top of the cite, drop downs such as why they’re doing what their doing, contact information, locations, as well as programs is clear and accesable. The page with the programs is color coded with simple expliations, along with links to more in depth information of each one to quide you to exactly what you’re looking for.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Here is another organization working to support Latinos. Casa Latina is a non-profit organization that help Latinos through education by providing skilled classes and workers rights as well as English lessons; employment that offers daily job dispatch for labor workers and community organization.


One last organization that works to support Latinos is the Latino Community Fund. This non-profit organization invests to develop skills, knowledge and connections in communities. They have leadership programs for the youth, tech programs and economic empowerment programs.


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Stand Up For Kids

StandUp for Kids Has a New Look | StandUp For Kids

Why is the group that I chose to research important?

I decided to investigate into teen homelessness since I believe they are often forgotten about. Teenagers, as well as adults, can go through this. They may experience homelessness as early as childhood and lack access to adequate support. They’re in the stage of their lives where they’re learning and growing. They are severely harmed by a lack of good nourishment and basic requirements. This is very common in Seattle. Teenagers who are homeless may be ashamed of their situation due to the stigma associated with it, and may be hesitant to seek help. These repercussions of homelessness, I believe, bring despair to youth in the form of mental health issues, substance abuse, victimization and criminal activity, risky sexual behaviors, and educational and employment difficulties. The cost of figuring out how to care for these young people adds to society’s burden.

Brief history of the educational organization that I have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

Standup for Kids is a nationwide non-profit devoted to breaking the cycle of juvenile homelessness in places like yours. They have been assisting homeless and at-risk adolescents since 1990, helping them go from crisis to connection. Through housing support, mentorship, drop-in centers, and street outreach, they provide our youngsters a sense of safety, hope, and belonging. For fiscal stewardship of all gifts, they have received the highest independent evaluations. Its long-term activities concentrate on providing housing for children, assisting them in attending school, and assisting them in gaining occupational skills. Youth can use these blueprints for success to help them achieve long-term goals.

Whom do they serve?

Up to their 25th birthday, they help unaccompanied homeless and at-risk youngsters – as well as young parents with children of their own. Their long-term goal is to put a stop to the cycle of juvenile homelessness. In many of the locations where they operate in volunteer teams, they have created four key initiatives to do this: Street Outreach, Outreach Centers, Mentoring, and Housing. What is interesting that that their volunteer teams develop trust and become a reliable resource for stabilizing and otherwise assisting adolescents who have been overlooked by the rest of society. All of the volunteers are checked, questioned, and extensively trained. A core group of volunteers launched each local program. Most of the programs are still managed by volunteers who volunteer their time and leadership abilities. Counselors from Street Outreach go out into the community to try to reach out to homeless children. For homeless and street children, the most pressing need is ongoing care and genuine support.

Programs offered?

Creating a secure environment, Housing assistance may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Assistance in locating and maintaining a rental property
  • Developing a follow-up plan after being put in an independent living environment,       encompassing the foundations of living alone and sustaining oneself.
  • Food baskets are delivered weekly.
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Moral support and counseling
  • Medical and dental assistance referrals
  • Stipends for housing

Finding homeless children who want to remain in a shelter is not the only goal of a successful street outreach program. While identifying children who may require shelter assistance, assistance must also be provided to those who: 

  •  live on the streets
  •  are not ready for more of the establishment
  •  are afraid to go to a shelter
  •  have a police record and fear incarceration
  •  are afraid of being sent home.

What could they do better?

On their website, Stand Up For Kids does an excellent job of outlining their organization and services. On their website, they are very transparent and give detailed information on everything they cover. Although I don’t see any ways to improve as an organization because they appear to offer a wide range of services, one way they could improve their website is to make it more explicit about how funds are used.

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?

The website is well-organized, with sections dedicated to each of their programs, each of which describes in depth how the programs are put together. They also have outreach programs posted on their website. You may volunteer in a variety of ways to support problematic adolescents, from cooking meals in the kitchen to serving as a dietary advisor to actively aiding youth on the streets one-on-one. The majority of their donations come from people and organizations that have made a long-term commitment to engage with each other on an ambitious goal, allowing us to focus on what we do best rather than chasing the next dollar.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Other organizations that are doing similar work are:

  •  Housing Hope
  •  United ways of King County
  •  Kindering
  •  Filipino Community of Seattle

. All these organization also help youth that are in need of help.





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Educational Improvement Blog:AFS-USA Jiuri Yan

  • Why is the group that you chose to research important?
    • The group that I settled on in handling the project is AFS-USA. AFS-USA is an essential organization given that it is working towards the realization of a peaceful world through providing intercultural learning experiences to students, families, schools, and communities through strategic volunteer partnership. The activities that are carried out by the group usually ensure that students acquire new interests while equally joining a society that promotes pace through bridging the gap that exists between different cultures.
  • Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?
    • The establishment of AFS-USA can be traced back to the volunteers of WWI and WWII. They came out of the wars with the aim of working towards the prevention of future conflicts through understanding and cultural exchange (“About AFS-USA | AFS-USA,” 2022). As a result, the entity has been providing frameworks for intercultural exchange and, in the process developing the global competence that is necessary to create a peaceful and just world. Through its programs, students and other stakeholders involved in the learning process are often able to recognize and respect their differences, thereby comprehending that diverse and multicultural worlds are more attractive.  
  • Whom do they serve? Programs offered?
    • AFS-USA understands that the education sector has been affected over the years and that students and teachers encounter a number of challenges that make it difficult for them to get the best out of their learning environments. The primary objective of AFS-USA is, therefore, to guarantee that learners from immigrant and minority communities feel appreciated, thereby enabling them to cope with the challenges that they have had to contend with over the years. AFS-USA works on the foundation that classrooms and schools are able to benefit through encouraging stakeholders such as students and families with the platform to engage in international exchange opportunities. The organization works with the aim of making sure that students from abroad are subjected to experiences that are favorable to them, thereby encouraging them to get the best out of their learning environments, as illustrated by Figure 1 below (“Educators | AFS-USA,” 2022). Through its programs, AFS-USA normally ascertains that students broaden their perspectives and those of the people around them. This is usually realized through developing learning environments that encourage students to learn organically from their peers, even across informal settings such as during sports activities and mealtimes. In addition, the programs that are rolled by the establishment typically enable the students to develop new abilities and skills that will allow them to think critically, be creative and solve their problems.
Figure 1: AFS-USA Learning Experience
  • What could they do better?
    • One of the areas that AFS-USA should improve on is its study abroad program. The program makes it possible for students from the USA to visit other areas of the globe in search of educational opportunities. Whereas the strategy is effective, the entity should ascertain that students visit regions that will influence them positively while further providing them with experiences that change their lives for the better.
  • Was information about the organization accessible?
    • The information that I accessed through the website on the organization is quite extensive, and this means that there were no red flags based on my understanding. The assertion is because the website contained sufficient information on partners, schools, and the student programs that it routinely rolls out. The long-term impact of the organization is that the students will be able to embrace diversity, thereby contributing to positive development in the world.
  • What other organizations are doing similar work?
    • There are several entities that are undertaking similar projects. These include the American Cultural Exchange Service and The Companion Flag. The input of the organizations will go a long way in making sure that there is diversity in the world.


About AFS-USA | AFS-USA. AFS-USA. (2022). Retrieved 1 February 2022, from https://www.afsusa.org/about-afs/#afs-nav-values.

Educators | AFS-USA. AFS-USA. (2022). Retrieved 1 February 2022, from https://www.afsusa.org/educators/.

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Justice For Girls

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

I believe that especially today we are facing a crisis in a lack of gender equality, especially towards women. This group focuses on research, equity and fights for the justice of girls and those specifically in the juvenile justice system. I think it is so important to hear and notice the girls who have gone through these traumas and abuse and how unfairly they are being treated within the juvenile system. Many of the girls who are put on probation in Washington state have either gone through and or experienced, violence in their own home, child neglect, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. These are things that are going unnoticed and creating reforms can change the way that these functions are being held against girls. 

Brief history of the organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

This is a non-profit organization that was formed roughly over a decade ago. Within a few years, back in 2016 they were able to gain 501c3 status with the National Girls Innovation Grant. Much of what they do involves training and educating in many different systems that specifically involve girls such as, mental health, school, juvenile justice, and many other things that are going under the radar. They drive a system of three simple steps which involves spotlight, convene, and pilot. 

-Spotlight; collecting data and statics on each issue

-Convene; pulling together a team and or community of people to help support what they are doing

-Pilot; putting into action new models into daily policies and rules 

Whom do they serve?

They serve many people such as law enforcement, school educators, and most importantly girls. They serve these people and communities to better support the needs of girls and the trauma that they have gone through. They serve to create a program that serves along the Coalition staff and board members to advocate for girls.

-Young girls who have experienced domestic violence or forms of trauma

-Juvenile Justice for girls

-Mental health care for girls

-Schooling for girls

Programs offered?

One Girl Better Systems Program

  • Informs community led interventions
  • They are comprised of community members who focus on the success of girls at risk in court, for running away as well as traut from school

GAIN Program

  • Educates women and girls about issues such as housing, juvenile justice, education and many other things
  • They provide an environment where girls can learn to advocate and use their voices

Beyond Pink Program

  • Beyond pink serves as a one day event where many people can train with advocates and professionals to learn about the juvenile system, child welfare, education and more things related to this topic

What could they do better?

I think that they could have added a little bit more about the history and the people who built up the nonprofit. There was only little to no information about the steps they took to get where they are which I think would have been very informative and important to include in their opening page statement. 

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?

Everything on the website is very accessible and very clear. They have tabs for everything at the top of the page with clear statements and clean formatting. They also provide an option to login with a membership which I believe adds more authenticity. 

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Gender Justice 

Gender Justice League 

Coalition of Washington state (Justice For Girls) Sarah Cosworth Walker, https://www.jfgcoalition.org/beyond-pink


The importance of college degrees

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

I chose this research because there is no doubt that a college degree is essential, it is necessary to be attending a program, training schools where it prepares a person for the work they are trying to pursue rather than spending years and years in College only to come out with barely the skills required for the job people want.It is about time people start giving Vocational school/training the recognition it needs. It provides much more preparing students for the Workforce than a college does and costs less money than a college would. It also offers high paying in many job fields that with some college degrees cannot even provide.

Brief history?

 William Henry Gates III is an American business magnate, investor, author, Philanthropist and humanitarian. Gate’s is most known as the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates started Microsoft when Gates was just 19 and has since become one of the wealthiest people in the world. Bill Gates did not graduate from college nor does Gates have a college degree, which proves that some people can be successful without a college degree.

What could they do better?

The columnist Priya Pitamber highlights how highly Vocational schools it is viewed in South Africa and the benefits it accompanied. Pitamber basic argument is that Vocational training can help South Africa, Pitamber notes, “Vocational education and training (VET) could help the country to reach its National Development goal of decent employment, and also help them develop the skills necessary to create a capable workforce to support an inclusive growth” (3). Pitamber’s point is that by attending a vocational school, people endure benefits such as developing skills needed for a job. Pitamber conclusions are applicable, especially when a person is going to pursue a career; people need to have substantial expertise necessary to create a cable workforce that would provide inclusive growth.A study conducted by columnist Priya Pitamber indicates that vocational school is a better opportunity in both the US and South Africa, In South Africa,  Pitamber argues that “Vocational training gives people options other than studying at a university. It can Increased efforts from the government in this sector and could help to empower people with skills development and contribute positively to employment rates” (Pitamber 1).

Whom do they serve?

Aim of vocational education is to make education a purposeful and beneficial activity. As it serves to develop various interests. And arouses thoughts and feelings in the minds of the young students. It also helps in placing a person in the right vocation. And generate the proper attitude to work. In these rare cases where a college degree may be essential in some job fields, Especially in companies in the United States and South Africa where  a college degree is a minimum requirement to apply for jobs, There is a less chance that a person  will be graduating with a degree with the knowledge people need for a job.  A logical step to take this research is to highlight the pros and cons about vocational schools such as although it provides many great opportunities, it offers people to learn content that they should study in and that which is relevant to their choice of career. Unlike other courses, the skills provided in vocational school connect to one’s career.

Programs offered?

  • Automotive technicians
  • Medical assistants
  • hair stylists
  • certified nursing aids
  • electronics technicians
  • paralegals
  • truck drivers
  • Dental Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician   

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags? Yes the information was accessible, there were no red flags.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

There are trade schools, technical schools, colleges and community colleges and universities.All these provide vocational instruction at the post-secondary level.

“Trade School vs. College: Which One Is Right for You?” Trade schools: https://www.trade-schools.net/articles/trade-school-vs-college.asp

“These are the best degrees to study to make the most money in South Africa.” Businesstech: https://businesstech.co.za/news/business/203838/these-are-the-best-degrees-to-study-to-make-the-most-money-in-south-africa/

Pitamber, Priya. “Vocational training can help South Africa”. Brand South Africa: 2016, https://www.brandsouthafrica.com/investments-immigration/economynews/vocational-training-can-help-south-africa .

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