Creating Communities of Learning that Include Families, Immigrant, Undocumented

Casa Latina

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

The group I chose is important because there is a lot of immigrants in Washington State, and around the US today. The US has has been made up in part by immigrants. It is important to help those who have to assimilate into American society for a better life. It is not easy for immigrants when they have to learn a new language and adjust to culture norms. Coming to a new country without knowing the native language is very complicated. Leaving their home town with hopes and dreams to a country that they do not know is complicated enough. Immigrants are the defenition of verstile and resilience. Immigrants are very important in the United States as they contribute to our communities in many different ways. Immigrants contribute in our communities that go much further than their contribution to the economy by working important jobs that are principal in our economy . Organizations like Casa Latina can both positively impact Immigrants and families of immigrant parents in Washington state.

Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

Casa Latina was founded back in 1994 with the mission to advance the power of Latino Immigrants in Seattle. Casa Latina advances the power and well being of Latino immigrants by providing them with education, economic opportunities. With these opportunities immigrants can have the necessary tools to provide and support for their families.

Whom do they serve?

Casa Latina serves Latino immigrants in Washington State who need support with education, employment, and community organization.

Programs offered?

One of the programs offered is the education program for low-wage immigrants. The education program provides job skills training, free English classes (With the intention to have immigrants participate fully in their communities by learning English) ,financial literacy workshops, workplace health and safety trainings. They also offer an employment program that connect immigrants with day labor and domestic work that helps maintain a stable employment even if the jobs are short-term. The organization also offers a program that teaches members health and safety procedures in order to stay safe on the job. The job skills training help find employment

What could they do better?

Although they are doing a good job helping immigrants find employment and maintaining a stable job hoping to break the cycle of poverty within the Latino community by providing them with adequate skills they could do better with helping the families of those immigrants. A lot of immigrants have children who also need extra help when it comes to their education. They could work on having more programs for those children. Children of immigrants go through trauma, economic hardships, and other barriers. Children of immigrants are more likely to fall behind in school. Their should be programs that help children surpass their trauma. Tutors that help them gain necessary skills for their education should be provided. Children will significantly do better academically with programs that help them. Children of immigrants go through so much pressure because they become the language brokers for their families. I can say this from experience. My parents made me translate for them since elementary school. Being the language brokers in the family can bring lots of stress and anxiety for children. The children of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Latinx immigrants have significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder compared to the children of white European immigrants (Todd & Martin,2020). There are many factors that immigrants go through that may cause higher rates of depression, anxiety, and trauma. Children of immigrants need to be taught resilience in order to surpass their depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?

The information from the organization was accessible as it provided the mission and vision on their website. The website also allowed us to see the staff this involved with the organization.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Other organizations that are doing similar work are Latino Community Fund of Washington and Entre Hermanos. Latino Community Fund of Washington addresses the need of Latinos through engagement and healthy families. Entre Hermanos promotes the well-being of the Latino LGBTQ. The organization offers disease prevention services, support services, and advocacy.


Image Credit: Gabriela Alvarado

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