Creating Communities of Learning that Include Families

LEV: League of Education Voters

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

This group I chose to research is important because they help improve education quality and access to individuals and families who have been a victim to systemic inequalities in the state of Washington. This one particularly caught my eyes because even though I reside in Washington State, I haven’t came across this organization so I was intrigued to research into it.

Brief History/Organization’s Purpose:

This organization was founded in 2001 by local Washington residents in an effort to help support students in getting equal rights and opportunities for their education system in order to excel in their careers. They have influenced many of the landmark funding and policy decisions that were made in improving the education system in Washington on behalf of the students. The purpose of this organization consists of increasing Washington State’s student achievement to the top 10% in the nation, eliminating inequalities by addressing racial, economic, and social disparities in academic achievements, and increasing the number of students earning college degrees to 70%.

Whom do they serve?

This organization serves students and families all across the state of Washington to reduce the disparities of economical, racial, and social status for more educational equalities. They advocate for resources for the needs of students as well as mobilizing families, youth, educators, communities, and businesses to understand the public education system and remove barriers of systemic inequities. They also provide accurate and timely information to the media, voters, and policymakers regarding Washington State’s public education system.

The programs offered are:

  • Welcoming, safe, and inclusive school communities
  • Establishing equitable resourcing structures centered on the need of students
  • Addressing the student mental health and social-emotional wellness crisis
  • Students receiving special education services
  • Students with disabilities are general education students first and must be supported and included

What could they do better?

This organization could add a tab on their website regarding the programs they offer and more information regarding those programs. In reviewing their jobs and internships tab, they mentioned they are not recruiting at this moment, so they could have more internships and recruit more people.

Was information about the program accessible/red flags?

The information for this program was very accessible and there wasn’t any red flags to be noticed by researching the website. The only thing that I noted was that it was very difficult to find the programs offered by this organization.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Another organization that is doing similar work to League of Education Voters is Communities in schools of Washington. Their mission is to surround students with support from communities and empowering them to stay in school to succeed in their lives.


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