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The Madrone School

The Madrone School

The Madrones School

The nonprofit organization that I decided to research is The Madrones School. This organization helps students that are on the spectrum of autism by proving alternative schooling and behavior analysis to help every student that goes to school. I wanted to look into alternative schools that help students with learning disabilities, but to also educate other students and classmates that there are more schools than public and private schools. The Madrone School is a private non-profit school that runs just like a public school throughout the country.

Brief History of The Madrone School

The Madrones School understands the rough history within our school systems of mental health disorders and how people who have them are made fun of and discriminated against in schools. They believe that by coming together as a school and a community they can kick that stigma in the face. This school is one of the only schools in the Seattle area that’s first priorities are the autistic students.

This is a picture of a school that has in big bold letters above the front doors “Enter Here to Grow In Wisdom”.

About The Madrone School

The Madrones School provides education for students with autism in the Seattle area. Looking throughout the website, I could not find anything that tells me what things they teach their kids or how they teach their students. The only thing that I found about the ways that they teach their students are the different types of teaching programs that they have the students go through. They have three different programs that they have their students go through, Redmond 1:1 Program, Early Intervention Program, and their Focused Instruction Program.

Personal Thoughts about The Madrone School

After researching schools for this project, I thought there were only two different types of schools that students would go to for education. Public or Private school. Although this is a private school, it’s a private school for students that have learning disabilities. When I first researched the Madrone School, I was surprised that they did not tell us the type of subjects that they teach their students.  about this organization is that they don’t tell us what is taught at the schools. There is no list of classes, projects, clubs that they have at the school to help their kids learn better.

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