Gender Justice, Students of Color

Young Women Empowered (Y-WE)

Why is this Nonprofit important?

After so long of women having to fight so hard for something as simple as equal rights to men, we still face obstacles as women and some of us tend to shy away from leading, or a challenge. Women of color specifically experience societal downfalls. The typical school layout has made it easier for students to stand on the sidelines rather than choosing to be involved in leadership opportunities. This organization (Y-WE) helps young women empower themselves and creates a community with a sense of belonging.

Brief history and purpose of the organization

This Nonprofit has been an independent organization since 2015 but it started off as a 7-month pilot leadership program in 2010. It was so successful that everyone who was involved in the program in any way created an organization that would offer year-round programs for girls and women. Y-WE provides a community for young women who are moving towards adulthood identify college and career interests, while also exploring ways to take action in their communities.

Whom do they serve? What programs are offered?

The organization name clues you into the audience they are directed towards. Young women around the Seattle area (especially women of color) who are approaching a more independent age. Y-WE has a plethora of programs to partake in. Some are more conversational such as the Anti-Racism Accountability Program that helps people engage in conversation around how we can be anti-racist and be strong allies for the Black community. They also provide more hands-on programs like the Y-WE Tech Program that teaches young women how to use technology tools for learning, career success, self-expression, social change, and the history of women in technology. There are many other programs offered for young girls to be engaged with their community.

What could they do better?

This nonprofit has pretty much done everything correctly, they are helping the community, provided volunteer opportunities, made it possible to donate money and overall have helped so many young women in the Seattle area. One thing that their website seems to be missing comments from the girls who have been a part of Y-WE. There is one video of them explaining their overall experience with the organization, but I feel like there should be a place on the website where the alumni can comment on the specific programs and add in what they liked, didn’t like, and their recommendations.

Was information about the organization accessible?

Yes. This was a very accessible website and not confusing to use at all. All of the information they provide is clear and concise. They made it easy to navigate and find the specific information you are looking for.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

There are some other organizations that have a similar goal and are doing similar work in this community. There is a nonprofit called Powerful Voices that is “Reimagining Girl Power” by building a community of female activists for female justice. Another Organization called DigiGirlz that gives high school girls the opportunity to learn about careers in technology, connect with Microsoft employees, and participate in hands-on computer and technology workshops.