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FCS – Filipino Community of Seattle

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

Filipinos all throughout the United States of America are prominent enough and numerous enough to be important enough to have all the support they need, numbering around 4.2 Million Nationwide and around 100 Thousand around the Seattle Area and possibly more around the Puget Sound.

Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

Artwork by Christopher Ramos

Having been around since the mid 1930s, the FCS has a long and reputable history on its back and they have served a great purpose on helping the Filipino Communities around the area especially with those that are in incredibly need like those of recent immigrants, those who have been suffering from racial strife and segregation, and simply Filipinos that are in need. Thus, having the need to band together to survive in a rather hostile environment.

From helping the elderly to nurturing filipino children, their overall mission is to safeguard the well-being of the Filipino Community in the Greater Seattle region in order to achieve as stated in their Vision: “A united, thriving and vibrant Filipinx community.”

Whom do they serve? Programs Offered?

They mainly serve Filipinos from American-born Filipinos to Immigrant Filipinos coming from all around the world.

As their goal is to cultivate and develop a vibrant Filipino community, they offer services ranging from Youth Development like Youth Programs; to Cultural and Artistic Programs; to Senior/Elderly Focused Services like Senior Lunch/Food Banks and Senior Hubs; to even Civil Rights Services regarding Gender Based Violence that supports those who have been victims and are currently victimized with advocacy groups like the Filipinx Against Violence (FA V) that increases awareness and advocacy to those who have been victimized to crimes like domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking. (Source)

What could they do better?

Regarding growth as an organization, perhaps increasing outreach as weird as it is, my family which are all Filipinos have yet to really know about such organizations other than our other relatives that might be more in touch within the Filipino community around the Puget Area Region.

Furthermore, perhaps an increase of services regarding that of the youth and even that of cultural events can get some more services, however, I suppose due to the pandemic, such actions might not be as needed as it is now. With the elderly requiring more attention and support in these dire times. Which is why I believe outreach is more of a priority in regards to organizational growth and perhaps even membership.

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?

Yes, the information about it is incredibly accessible with both a website that is user-friendly and most of the information being readily available all within their website. Furthermore, they do also have a Facebook Page, which is what most Filipino use and is highly rated as well, as another source of information to be able to gather from.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Regarding similar organizations, there are those like the Filipino-American Community of Puget Sound (FACPS), however, their website is rather empty and are filled with fillers like “Lorem Ipsum” throughout the website which was a big red flag in regards to activity. However, they do offer services like Scholarships to their Food Banks and with a rather remote location like Algona, WA, I believe FCS would be a better one overall. (Link to Website)

Another one is the Filipino-American National Historical Society (FANHS), arguably a better than one than that of the FACPS, focuses more on Education and History than that of Social Service; however, due to that, they have a more comprehensive program list and curriculum for Filipino Education with Formal Educational Programs like that of Filipino American Heritage Studies and Filipino American Education Institute. Overall, an organization that has a different focus but similar in essence and work, serving Filipinos in America. (Link to Website)