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Freedom Education Project Puget Sound

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Making a Difference for Women and Trans People in Prison

This non-profit organization provides college classes to women and trans people who are in prison so that they can get either their associates degree or a bachelor of arts degree. This is important because it helps prevent these people from getting sent to prison again after they get out of prison and helps them get jobs once they are released.

A History and A Purpose

This organization was started in 2011 when a group at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) called the Women’s Village started inviting professors to the prison to teach college classes to the women.

Serving Women and Trans Inmates

This organization serves Women and Trans inmates in prisons around the Puget Sound area. They offer associate and bachelor degree programs to help inmates prepare for their future once they get out of the prison. So far they only work with Washington’s Corrections Center for Women and have not yet branched out to helping other groups of people in prisons with other genders or juvenile detention facilities.

Ways to Improve

This organization has a great website with a lot of information on it. They could go into more detail about their history or provide a list of specific prisons that they work in but other than that I found everything very easily.

Information Accessibility

The information on the website was very accessible with a clear board of directors and staff as well as information about how they use donations. It was also up to date with current Covid guidelines and a warning about a scam that has been using their name.

Similar Organizations

A similar organization is the Women’s Village. Women’s Village is an organization in WCCW, which I mentioned in the history section of my post.

Another similar organization is the Prison Education Foundation which provides higher education to men and women in prison.