LGBTQ+, Mental Health

Stand Up, Speak Out

Mental health isn’t spoken about or paid much attention to as much as it should be, which is why non-profit organizations like Free2Luv are incredibly important. I feel like when people are struggling with those types of things they don’t want to tell anyone because they feel like they’ll just be pushed away but Free2Luv offers that safe space and acceptance that people who are struggling with this might need. 

This amazing organization was created in 2011 and it’s founders are Tonya & Kym. The meaning behind Free2Luv is loving yourself first, so that you can be free to love others – and free to love whoever you desire. They are dedicated to empowering, uplifting, and saving the lives of the youth through music, art, film, theater, dance, storytelling, and social media. The organization is bringing awareness to the issue, creating conversations, and helping people heal their minds and hearts. They mentor youth advocates, provide spaces for story-sharing, and deliver crisis-affected kids empowerment packages. They also give the safe locations and skills that people need to express themselves creatively, to celebrate individuality and inclusion, and to turn grief into strength.

 Those that they serve are the under-resourced youth, teens, and young adults by providing all the tools necessary in order to thrive and be their best selves. Some programs that are offered by this organization are the Free2BeME art empowerment workshops and the ROCK LUV music-based empowerment events. This is where they can go to demonstrate their creative thinking and talents.

 It was really hard to think of something that they could do better because reading about them already convinced me that they are doing everything right and making a big impact but if there was something that they could improve on is probably the promoting part. I didn’t know who they were or had ever heard about them before this so I think that if they really reached to be accessible anywhere than that would makes things better.

 Information about the organization was very accessible once I found them. I found them on a non-profit organization finder website and that website provided me with a lot of information about them but than once I went to their website there was more information than I could even imagine. They have sections where you can read more about them, their mission, how to get support, how to get involved, the impact they are making, their own blog, and even somewhere to shop the Free2Luv merch to show support. 

Another organization I found similar to Free2Luv was the Colage organization. They are a non-profit organization that also helps to empower and become their best selves but they serve to people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents. So they help thousands of youth in LGBTQ families annually.