Culture of Respect

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

Culture of Respect , is an amazing organization seeking to end campus sexual violence. This organization taught me that “1 in 4 female undergraduates and nearly 1 in 14 male undergraduates experience sexual violence after enrolling in their college or university” (Culture of Respect). A startling statistic that created a deeper sense in myself to research the tools and programs Culture of Respect offers. These resources support survivors, prevent sexual violence, and communicate that violence is unacceptable. Culture of respects partners with over 100 different colleges, universities and a few K-12 schools. I chose this organization simply because of their mission to end sexual violence and their support to sexual violence survivors.

Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization.

“Culture of Respect builds the capacity of educational institutions to end sexual violence through ongoing, expansive organizational change.” (Culture of Respect). This sexual violence organization was created by the parents of college students once they discovered the high rates of sexual assault on campus and wanted to advocate for safety for students in 2013. The parents and founders of Culture of Respect created this organization to provide resources and tools for students after discovering the lack of resources for survivors, students, administrators, and parents.This program offers courses and tools that are available to create more awareness on college campuses, violence prevention and response, change in prevention, and resources to find prevention programs on campus.

Whom do they serve? Programs offered?

Culture of Respect serves students on campuses and offers “programs and tools guide institutions as they support survivors, prevent sexual violence, and communicate that violence is unacceptable” (Culture of Respect). They offer signature tools that helps colleges approach to address sexual violence, an online foundation course that prepares students to be allies, a collective is a two year program that brings higher education that are dedicated to ending campus sexual violence, and offers a prevention programming matrix through online courses, and workshops.

What could they do better?

The website was easy to navigate and I was able to find all the resources, tools, and mission statement. I wish certain programs and workshops offered are free because money is tight for some students.

Was information about the organization accessible?

I found the “I need help” page helpful because this page supports the person who has experienced sexual violence and gives resources to those who know someone who has been sexually abused that wants to help. I have friends that have personally experienced sexual violence and as a friend I want to be able to support them in a way that does not make them feel more shame but just by being there for them.

What other organizations are doing similar work?

I found other organizations that want to end sexual violence on campus.

  1. RAINN is one of the nations largest anti-sexual violence organization that partners with over a thousand sexual assault providers.This organization does not target just on campus but is a nationwide organization that offers programs to prevent sexual violence and provide resources for survivors.
  2. It’s On Us is a nonprofit organization launched by the white house to prevent sexual assault and actively support students on campuses through education programs.


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