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Justice For Girls

Why is the group that you chose to research important?

I believe that especially today we are facing a crisis in a lack of gender equality, especially towards women. This group focuses on research, equity and fights for the justice of girls and those specifically in the juvenile justice system. I think it is so important to hear and notice the girls who have gone through these traumas and abuse and how unfairly they are being treated within the juvenile system. Many of the girls who are put on probation in Washington state have either gone through and or experienced, violence in their own home, child neglect, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. These are things that are going unnoticed and creating reforms can change the way that these functions are being held against girls. 

Brief history of the organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

This is a non-profit organization that was formed roughly over a decade ago. Within a few years, back in 2016 they were able to gain 501c3 status with the National Girls Innovation Grant. Much of what they do involves training and educating in many different systems that specifically involve girls such as, mental health, school, juvenile justice, and many other things that are going under the radar. They drive a system of three simple steps which involves spotlight, convene, and pilot. 

-Spotlight; collecting data and statics on each issue

-Convene; pulling together a team and or community of people to help support what they are doing

-Pilot; putting into action new models into daily policies and rules 

Whom do they serve?

They serve many people such as law enforcement, school educators, and most importantly girls. They serve these people and communities to better support the needs of girls and the trauma that they have gone through. They serve to create a program that serves along the Coalition staff and board members to advocate for girls.

-Young girls who have experienced domestic violence or forms of trauma

-Juvenile Justice for girls

-Mental health care for girls

-Schooling for girls

Programs offered?

One Girl Better Systems Program

  • Informs community led interventions
  • They are comprised of community members who focus on the success of girls at risk in court, for running away as well as traut from school

GAIN Program

  • Educates women and girls about issues such as housing, juvenile justice, education and many other things
  • They provide an environment where girls can learn to advocate and use their voices

Beyond Pink Program

  • Beyond pink serves as a one day event where many people can train with advocates and professionals to learn about the juvenile system, child welfare, education and more things related to this topic

What could they do better?

I think that they could have added a little bit more about the history and the people who built up the nonprofit. There was only little to no information about the steps they took to get where they are which I think would have been very informative and important to include in their opening page statement. 

Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?

Everything on the website is very accessible and very clear. They have tabs for everything at the top of the page with clear statements and clean formatting. They also provide an option to login with a membership which I believe adds more authenticity. 

What other organizations are doing similar work?

Gender Justice 

Gender Justice League 

Coalition of Washington state (Justice For Girls) Sarah Cosworth Walker,