[1] Why is the group of students that you chose to research important?

Students’ emotional well-being, social life, and academic performance can all be impacted by their mental health. With better mental health, they can improve their learning and be more likely to realize the full potential of their abilities. They are also able to build relationships more effectively, make decisions, and collaborate with others. 


[2] Provide a brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) On-Campus at University of Washington Bothell is a new student-led club, which recently became active in the winter quarter of 2023. Raveena Sarai, the president of NAMI On-Campus states that, “As an on-campus branch our goal is to break the mental health stigma that exists on this campus and allow students to have a resource where they can express their mental health needs in a non-judgmental, welcoming environment”. NAMI On-Campus strives to continue to provide students with resources, outlets, education, and support for students’ mental health and well-being. 


[3] Whom do they serve?

NAMI on campus serves students of University of Washington Bothell – full-time, part-time, undergraduate, and graduate, as well as in coordination with Cascadia College 


[4] What programs do they offer?

As of now, NAMI has not conducted any events as it is a new club. In the future, they are looking to host slime workshops, co-hosting yoga, classes, and many more small, for-students-by-students events that may provide a “mental escape” for the stresses and mental hardships that school can bring.


[5] What could they do better?

Looking at their public constitution on the club directory, it is somewhat brief. I would suggest lengthening their mission statement, as well as hold safety regulations such as probation periods to prevent individuals who fail to uphold the core values and goals of the organization and also implementing Title IX in their constitution. 


[6] Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags? 

I connected with the club through the club directory on the UWB website and I quickly received an email back with more information. On the club directory, there is a brief description of their club along with the meeting date and time (location to be determined). They currently have no posts on their Instagram page, although they are more active on their Discord server where they’ve provided information for their next club meeting.

Shared by: Hainhi Doan

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