Learning Disabilities Association

Why is The Learning Disabilities Association of America important?

The Learning Disabilities Association of America is important because they serve as voices for individuals with learning disabilities of all ages and their families, providing support, resources, and opportunities to those who have a disability. A child with learning disabilities may have a difficult time in reading, writing, speaking, listening, understanding new concepts, and with general comprehension. Organizations such as the LDA will support those children and their families with the resources they can provide to aid them.

History of The Learning Disabilities Association of America

In 1963, a group of families have come together and joined a conference in Chicago. The participants of this conference have come up with the idea to help those with learning disabilities. They came up with the idea because of the lack of support they have and services did not exist for these children. Months after the conference, The Learning Disabilities Association of America have been discovered after gaining many volunteers to assist in forming this organization.

Whom do they serve? Programs offered?

The LDA provides support to children with learning disabilities and their families who experience their child with a learning disability. The organization wants to help educate those children who are struggling with their learning disabilities and offer them opportunities so that they can improve themselves.

The LDA offers help to individuals who are affected by learning disabilities. They do this by providing the resources under their websites. The resources they offer are a listing of websites and publications that provide information on teaching, disability rights, and many more. The LDA offers conferences that are very inspiring and provide information. According to the participants, those who participate help their way of teaching and also have provided them ideas with how they help those children in need.

What can they do better?

I believe that the LDA should find those in the community who has actual experience themselves when it comes to learning disabilities and how they overcome them. The board of directors seems to have a pattern where only their children had learning disabilities, but I feel that if they have people who experienced overcoming their learning disability it can provide the organization with more resources and ideas and also reach out to a lot more people who suffer from a learning disability.

Organizations that do similar work

  • The ARC of Washington provides quality services and fundings to meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families including special education and many more services.
  • Disability Rights Washington protects the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Developmental Disabilities Council bring together community partners to address critical issues, provide leadership, training, and advocate for equitable policies, programs, and practices on behalf of people with developmental disabilities and their families.