Disabilities, Early Childhood Education, Foster Care, Housing Insecurity/unsheltered/homeless


Why is This Group Important to Research?

I chose to research support services for young children because having access to quality interventions early in the life can greatly increase the later success of a child in life and in school. Early interventions can take the form of many different types of services and are tailored to the specific needs of a child and their family. There are many different reasons why a child may benefit from or require early intervention services. It is important to note that 13 in 100 toddlers have developmental delays, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 1 in 303 children are born with Cerebral Palsy, and 1 in 9 children are born prematurely; all of these conditions and more are ones that can be benefitted by a family having early access to high quality interventions and support.

History and Purpose of Kindering

Kindering was founded in 1962 by the families of five disabled children and was run at first by volunteers who worked in private homes. In the following year, Kindering got its first location in a Bellevue School District classroom in order to help meet the demand for their services; this is also the year that they transitioned from being run by volunteers to having paid workers. Over the next 20 years, the school moved its base location into various rooms in other businesses until they finally got their first independent location in 1983. After they had their own building, demand for services continued to grow which led to their continual addition of more services as well as in 1996 they began to contract with local school districts to provide services for the young children in the local areas. After they began their contracted work with school districts, the need for their support grew even more which prompted the addition of even more new services they offered as well as the expansion of their locations. Currently, they have four locations and offer services related to consultation, outreach, pediatric therapies and support, early learning and school readiness, and family education and support.

Who Do They Serve?

Kindering offers services to children and families in King and Snohomish Counties. They have services not only for children ages birth- 10 years old but also for their families and siblings as well. In addition to having services specific to disabilites, they also have specific services for families experiencing homelessness, spanish-speaking families, and children in foster care.

Programs offered

Some of the many programs they offer include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Free developmental evaluations
  • Nutrition and feeding therapy
  • Child care and preschool consultations
  • Special education services
  • Parent education
  • Family co-op play group
  • Virtual services

This is not an extensive list of all of their programs they offer. Please consult their website to see all of their programs.

What Could They Do Better?

Although I do not see any ways that Kindering as an organization itself can improve since it seems like they offer a very comprehensive variety of services, one way that they could improve their website would be to make it more transparent about how donations are used. Based on their website, it is not very clear how donations are utilized, especially since it seems as though they do still sometimes charge families and/or insurance companies for their services.

Was Information About the Organization Accessible?

Information on their website was very accessible. There are multiple tabs at the top of the website that correlate to different important information about the organization and the services that they offer. The links to information about the specific services they provide is also available right on the home screen of the website which makes it even easier to access this information.

Similar Organizations

Two local organizations that provide similar early intervention services are:

Wonderland Child and Family Services

Birth To Three Developmental Center


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