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Seattle Against Slavery (SAS)

Human trafficking contradicts equality of all sorts. We are humans and yet we live in a world driven by money, lust, propaganda, and hate. Love is but a façade that this world daintily puts on, conceding the marginalized into thinking that everything is going to be okay. Real love does not exist unless one disembarks on a journey that disregards the materialistic puppetry around them, and fully embraces the cadence of naturality. The cadence of activism. The cadence of authenticity.

To actively approach a matter so vile and tangible is to face it head on with no mercy. Seattle Against Slavery, an organization targeting the “assault with a “weapon,” is doing just that. When you look at the trafficking statistics (specifically the statistics presented in Pedagogy Education), Washington ranks as the twelfth highest state with the most human trafficking (99 reported cases), with number one being California (760 reported cases). Organizations like Global Alliance Against Trafficking In Women, Love146 (an anti-child trafficking focused organization), and many others, strive to educate their communities with vital information that could derail possible sex trafficking hotspots, and conclude suffocating sex rings. Seattle Against Slavery is no exception. They envision a world where nobody is sexually exploited. Prevention is demonstrated through concert events, fundraisers, writings from voices as young as a sixth grader, to a high school senior passionate about feminism and activism. Although these are just a few examples of what they do, Seattle Against Slavery strives to find new ways to contradict the expansion of human trafficking. 

What’s the catch though? Do I have to have certain qualifications in order to help Seattle Against Slavery in any way? For some positions, of course you need to have solid foundational skills in, say, ethics and psychology. For example, they currently have a web engineering position available; what you need to know are your coding languages in order to formulate creative interfaces that illustrate anti-trafficking motives, in a cohesive manner. In any case, Seattle Against Slavery is open to anyone with any level of education, as long as they share the same passions as them. 

From being a board member to advocating for victims of sex trafficking through different creative avenues, Seattle Against Slaverly also has a wide variety of programs. From Men’s Accountability, in which men educate each other about the prevention of gender-based violence, Trafficking Prevention for Schools, to a program called Freedom Signal Technology, SAS is ensuring that every age group and gender is being kept in an inclusive and committed circle. Freedom Signal Technology in particular is a powerful program that focuses on software development to connect with victims currently in a trafficking hell hole. In addition to these programs and having a website, SAS presides in various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. These platforms act as speakers that amplify their voices to a more common mass. Clearly SAS is doing everything they can to accommodate the education of human trafficking. 

If you think red flags are persistent in every tab, every hyperlink, or every article I skimmed through, you are mistaken. There is a clear line that an organization cannot cross if they only plan to advertise anti-trafficking agendas for the main purpose of monopolizing any type of profit they rake in. Seattle Against Slavery has persistently made it clear that gaining profit for individualistic use is not something they are into. Instead, they nonchalantly represent the epitome of activism. Activism relating to human exploitation. Sexual exploitation.


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